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Extending the range of a home wireless network

Sleepy Giant

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A friend of mine is trying to get his wireless network to work in his garage. The garage is about 70 feet from his house. I can see the signal from in the garage, but it is weak and works intermittently. Raising the garage door makes it a bit better, but in the winter in Thunder Bay that simply isn't an option. It's an older Linksys router, that is capable of 802.11b. We had a newer Linksys 'g' router there today and it wasn't much of an improvement despite the 3x greater claims on the box.

This guy lives in his garage and I can't see why this wouldn't work. We have moved the router closer to the garage in the house but it didn't really make much of a difference. I also played with the settings, changed the channels in the router config and everything I could think of.

Does anyone have any experience using range extenders or wireless bridges?

He has cable internet and it is run to the garage already, one option is to take get a new cable modem, put it in the garage and use the existing router in the garage and use the modem hardwired to the desktop in their basement.

Where do I go with this now?
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Look for a standalone 802.11b Linksys-compatible repeater.

Last time I looked into wireless stuff was maybe about 8 months ago, and I couldn't find a after-purchase/standalone 802.11g repeaters by any manus... although g was fairly new and wasn't considered standard yet.

Unsure if the g standard made much ground since then... sorry, i guess this post is useless. I'll hit 'Post Quick Reply' anyway, because I like the sound of my own.... uh.... text?


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A while ago I read about some firmware hacks that will let you expand range. It sounded risky and probably voids the warranty. Try searching for it.


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There's a Linksys router WRT45G - which can run 3rd party firmware. I've heard you are able to boost the signal quite a bit with a firmware upgrade. I'm actually waiting on one to arrive in the mail as my old router works intermittantly.. but my needs are nowhere near 70 feet or to an outside building. even out of the box I've heard it's one of the best ones around though.

some info here - http://wrt54g.net/
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