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Expectacle 008 with Oddmyth


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Hey all,

I threw together this little 3 deck number for my friend Patriek's Expectacle podcast out of the Netherlands.


Have a listen, hope you like it. If you are interested in reading a little bit more about this mix, you can take a wander over to oddmyth.ca where I blather on about what I've done and why I've done it.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Varg - Mount Analogue [Northern Electronics]
2. 01.12 N - Voices From the Lake [Prologue]
3. Ostinate Sin (Dino Sabatini Rmx) - Gianluca Meloni [Outis]
4. Man is the Superior Animal - Kalon [Sandwell District]
5. Tone Exploitation (PAS Rmx) - The Nightripper [Underground Liberation]
6. Electrica Phenomena - Reeko [Pole Recordings]
7. Mr2 - NX1 [M_Rec]
8. Immolare (Silent Servant Version) - Sandwell District [Sandwell District]
10. Hagagatan (Rødhåd Remix) - Svreca [Semantica]
11. Ploy - Edit Select & Gary Beck [Edit Select]
12. Session 1 - Monoloc & Pfirter [CLR]
13. The Alchemist (Dubit Remix) - Scalameriya [Genesa]
14. Is Klar - Feldah & Koba [60 Seconds]
15. Donor - Lapse [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
16. 200.1 - Donato Dozzy [Electronique IT]
17. Planeta - Delko [Propellant]
18. Modulation B - Dino Sabatini [Outis]
19. 200.3 - Donata Dozzy [Electronique IT]
20. Citiescapes - Ness [Aconito]
21. Induccion a la Hipnosis - Pfirter [MindTrip]
22. Leonor's Lanugo (Radio Slave Rmx 1) - Ripperton [Green]
23. Ampersand You (Advanced Human Dub) - Ground Loop [Gynoid Audio]
24. Perfect Love - Paul Boex [Counter Pulse]
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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This opening track is going to make me leave work, eat weird drugs, and watch The Holy Mountain. Thanks! :D