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Exit Festival 2012 - Novi Sad, Serbia


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After reading about the ups and downs regarding Digital Dreams, I thought some of you would enjoy reading about a phenomenally organized music festival full of kick-ass music.

I went to the Exit Festival last year and loved it so much I based my Euro trip this year around it, and ended up covering it for Salacious Sound.

For those of you who have never heard of it, it's a festival in an 18th century fortress that had 150,000 people attend over 4 days last year.

Here are reviews from Day 1 and Day 2, as well as a pre-festival article I wrote. There are two more reviews to come, and a "Festival Overview" article where I comment on the everything else that was great (no lineups, fairly priced everything, nice security...). Hopefully we can look forward to festivals like this in Toronto someday :)

Salacious Sound | Exit 2012 – Serbia’s most important music festival

Day 1
Salacious Sound | Exit Festival Serbia day 1: Avicii, Jacques Lu Cont, Sub Focus, TEED & more [photo gallery + editorial]

Day 2
Salacious Sound | Exit Festival Serbia day 2: New Order, Luciano, Netsky & more [photo gallery + editorial]