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Existence Records on Proton Radio Tonight with Tim Davison


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February 23rd, 2006 11 :00 Pm eastern Time
Archive available from Proton Radio On Demand

Tim Davison Existence records Featured Guest

Tim Davison has been a regular face on the London scene for many years now. Resident at the monthly event, becomeone' (www.becomeone.co.uk), since its inception in April 2002, the event has attracted much attention and was voted 'Best New London Promotion' in 2002 and came second in the Best Small Promotion 2003 as decided by www.harderfaster.net, the UK's largest independent website.

In August 2003, Tim was selected as a 'Future Hero' by "The Gallery", Turnmill's own Friday night party, one of the UK's longest running and most respected club nights in the UK. His first set at the event was warming up alongside Nick Warren and Tomcraft after which he was invited back as one of Dave Seaman's Future Heroes in November 2003 together with Phil K and Pete Gooding.

Regular gigs at The Gallery ever since have seen him booked alongside DJs that include Paul Oakenfold, James Zabiela, Armin van Buuren, Pete Tong, Nic Fancuilli, Hybrid, Tall Paul, DJ Remy, The Filterheadz, Ashley Casselle, Rui Da Silva, Tilt, Nigel Dawson, Marco Bailey, Victor Calderone and Gabriel and Dresden.

Tim was also invited recently to play at the Bedrock launch party of Jonathan Lisle's OS2 compilation together with James Zabiela, Hybrid, Eddie Haliwell, Pole Folder and Steve Gerrard.

His first release (in collaboration with Dale Anderson), "The More I Know", was released on Portugal's leading progressive label, 'Feed Me Records' and featured a much acclaimed remix from Sumsonic's Paul Rogers. The track received widespread support from leading players including Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa and Marco V.

2006 promises to establish Tim further with releases and remixes scheduled on labels around the globe including Plastic Fantastic, Nascent, Pure Substance, Segment, Existence, 1shot, Source of Gravity and Future Lovers. He will also be the first release on the new label by Mixmag Future Heroes stars the Cheshire Catz."

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Part 1: Paul Kwitek 11pm

1. Adam Collins & Nukes - Ariba [CDR]
2. Masi & Mello - Taking Me Down (Martin Accorsi Remix) [Tweek'd]
3. Patrik Skoog - Red Eye [Flux]
4. Nocando - Time Will Tell [SOG]
5. DP6 - Insane (Vadim Basov Mix) [CDR]
6. Michael Lanning & Beyza - Distant Embrace [SAC]
7. Jacek Janicki & Langner - Unknown [CDR]
8. Clubbervision - The Strange Neighbour [Kaya]
9. C-Jay - Sundayzer (Leron & Yves Eaux Remix) [Existence]
10. Enigma/Hans Zimmer - Outro

Part 2: Guest Dj Tim Davison 12am

1. Stan Koley - Shana [Plastic Fantastic]
2. Tyre & Tear - Free (Tribal Tech Mix) [Pure Substance]
3. Beckers & D-Nox - Jet Lag Slave [Baroque]
4. Tim Davison - After Midnight [Plastic Fantastic]
5. Cheshire Catz -
6. Tim Davison - Deafening Silence [Plastic Fantastic]
7. Tim Davison - Thinking Aloud [Fact]
8. Tim Davison - What If? [Fact]
9. Leama & Moor - Fact of the Matter [Lost Language]
10. Matt Rowan & Jaytech - Tomorrow [Hope]
11. Tim Davison - Cat's Cradle [Nascent]

Part 3: Mikel Curcio 1am

1. Alter Ego - Think Like Us
2. Tom Sawyer - Psicosis (Original Mix)
3. Scorsese - Blacazar
4. Prydz - 321 (Original Mix)
5. Fantastic 2 - Other People (Damien Heck Remix)
6. D-Formation - No Surrender No Retreat
7. Julian Poker - Black Leather (Original Mix)
8. Grand National - Talk Amongst Yourselves (Sasha Involver Mix)

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