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Evil P 10 hours tribal set!


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The evening ended with mixed emotions.......

Where were the people? And the peeps that did show up......well let's just say the crowd was not very impressive, creepy actually. I'm more a Friday goer but from what I remember, it was not the typical Sat crowd.

Anyways the highlight of the night, the wicked wicked tunes pounding in my ear. I must say, I was really impressed with Evil P. Despite the fact of no crowd, Evil P laid down some hard as beats that got the people going. He got me going.

As for the backroom, it was very interesting......it's been a while and it brought back so many memories. Lost my rythm dancin to it though...lol.... but I danced anyways. I felt young again. LOL!!! And got to meet Cad and Pat, you guys are very cool dudes.

But overall it didn't feel the same. Something in the air that was giving me the creeps so my partner in crime and I retired early. And that is unusal. LOL!!!
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Sorry to hear you didn't have a good time. One of things I miss about living in TO is seeing Patrick play. I think he's one of the best dj's out there. He has amazing talent and can totally play to the crowd.

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Patrick played a great set last night. Nice touch with the vocalist.

Definitely not the normal Sat nite crowd.

Club was nicely decorated. System seems to go all out for this night every time. Hopefully next time they get a better crowd, more regulars.

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I think the crowd probebly had a lot to do with the fact that Ultra Spin was going on at The Guv that night. I didnt go to either, but wouldve really liked to check out Evil P, hes been bang on lately.


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Originally posted by Vcakes

Where were the people?

It's January, it's cold, and no big overpaid guest dj (that wouldn't have a hope in hell gettin' a gig in his/her hometown but for some unforeseen reason Toronto embraces him/her like he/she is some god) -'nuff said. Make sense ?
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Tribal Nonsense....

Hi all - glad that everyone had a good time! I had an AMAZING time! I met so many new people - and although the place was full of regulars there were tons of new faces there!

I walked in about 12:30 to find the place hopping!! I didn't find it quiet at all ... but I have always been one to say better quality than quantity. The dancefloor in the mainroom was packed, the dancefloor in the side-room was packed (boy I had some fun ... thanks gang), and as I ventured to the back later in the night ... Lush was KILLING it back there and the crowd loving it! There was cheering going on in the front, back and side which doesn't happen every day so Mr. Evil P - proved himself once again .. not that he needed proving!

I play with Evil P on a weekly basis ... but he never ceases to impress me on his Tribal Nonsence nights ... good tracks, great mixing, good crowd, great decorations ...

Linds x