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Evil Jungle Prince


Staff member
I am going to Salad King. Evil Jungle Prince or Golden Curried Chicken for me. 5 chilli. Must get away from the office for an hour or so...


TRIBE Member
basil chicken
or crispy orange beef

only 3 chili for me.

kevin can do 6 chili

enjoy alex!! i'm jealous (and hungry!!)

Adam Duke

TRIBE Member
Y'all be crazy....I'm a 2 chili wuss.

MMMmmmmm, orange beef....it's Food Of The Gods, I tell you!

@m. <--got his family ADDICTED to Salad king.
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TRIBE Member
Jill <-- have yet to try the infamous Salad King - must try soon.

I'm drunk (celebration at work) & ready to go home now - must keep drinking. OHHHHH I have wine at home. yay -