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Evgeny Shagalov - Touching time [upcoming trance]


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Upcoming ILM release Touching time is full of uplifting and driving trance style and melody with a classic feel. Giving you feelings of far away, sunshine, and dancing.

Newcomer Evgeny is an amazing Russian producer who after finishing music school decided to focus his efforts on producing quality music in the style that moves him most. With this first release he hopes to break into the genre and stand out as an artist, something his upcoming release definitely does.

Touching time comes in three different flavors; a blazing original, an energy packed Azure Desolate mix, and a beach appropriate chill-mix…

***Upcoming Infinity Loop Music Release on November 20, 2009

Previews :

Evgeny Shagalov - Touching time [original mix] : [CLICK]

Evgeny Shagalov - Touching time [Azure Desolate remix] : [CLICK]

Evgeny Shagalov - Touching time [infinityloop chillout remix] : [CLICK]


For Artist info and more great music check out:

Evgeny Shagalov : Evgeny (Evgeny Shagalov) | MySpace
Infinityloop : Infinity Loop
Azure Desolate : AzureDesolate.co.uk | Inspired by Electronic Dance Music, Mixed and Produced by the Inspired...

Find it at :

Juno Digitgal
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With the release of ‘Touching time’ and ILM’s belated 4 year birthday [november 5th] we are having a huge promotional offer for you.


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That’s right, just send us your proof of purchase [screenshot, transaction ID, etc.] for 1 ILM track and ILM will email you back download links to 10 single 320k tracks, your choice from our massive release catalog.

Hurry, this promotion is only till the end of the month.

Email : promo_at_infinityloopmusic.com [change the 'at' to @ when emailing]