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a novel by Jim Munroe

read it!

As (some of) you may know, I'm not really big on trying to sell people on stuff.

But in this case it's worth the sacrifice, just cause it's such a good book.

It's really clever, and makes a great point about our society, and where it's going.

Honestly, my hair was standing on end the whole time I was reading it. It's really frightning, and hopefully it'll be the wake up call for at least a few people.

anyways, yeah, READ IT!

oh, and here's the author's website: www.nomediakings.com
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There's a new Jim Munroe book?.. nice!.. I've been waiting. 'Flyboy action figure comes with gasmask' was great! Although, I wasn't quite as happy with 'Angry young spaceman', it was still worth a read. To describe his other books I'd say mix parts 'Douglas Coupland (for the pop culture references, and neurotic characters), Adbusters (political bent) and Kurt Vonnegut (satire).

Speaking of, we need a new 'book' thread. Should we make this it?

Just finished reading Kurt Vonnegut Jr's 'Sirens of Titan'. Great, great book if you're taking life a little too seriously, and searching for meaning a little too hard. It forces you to take a step back and think "even if the meaning of life is something ridiculously trivial, it's still worth living". Gotta love a book where 'The Church of the Utterly Indifferent God' becomes the next major religion.