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everybody write a poem!

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i have finnished my exam

i have returned
exam, now done

a spliff, soon burned
break time, begun

i have the time
to take a nap

and end this ryme
with a :

holy crap !

q u a n t u m i z e


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Late on a midnight dreary,
I thumbed throughed SWANK and began to grow weary,
If I satisfy this urge,will anyone hear me?


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roses are red
violets are blue
what if you cant rhyme worth shit
and your words go nowhere
like a pair of wet undies blowing in the wind
oh shit, the acid is starting to kick in
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Her bouquet cleaved his hardened shell,
and fondled his muscled heart.
He embibed her glistening spell,
just before the other shoe fell.

Cheers ... Ian :)


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A place to spend my quiet nights, time to unwind
So much pressure in this life of mine, I cry at times
I once contemplated suicide, and woulda tried
But when I held that 9, all I could see was my momma's eyes
No one knows my struggle, they only see the trouble
Not knowin it's hard to carry on when no one loves you
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Eccentric (LRG)

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greatest poem I ever wrote for someone... (XRated)

Its jokes... the names changed to so and so... :p

So and so's lips and so and so's eyes,
So and so's hips and So and so's theighs.
So and so's at work and I am at home,
alone alone , I am home.
I've got pretty white panties or even a wool mitten.
Kiss me all gently, I'll purr like a kitten.
I can bend over back for you, If thats what you need
Undress you slowely or at a much faster speed.
Like rain on a tin roof or trees that are sappy
playing with him makes jaimie all happy.
He's super sexy, maybe crazy, and for sure cool.
but he wouldn't go swimming, in her damn swimming pool.
This isn't so Xrated as the subject says I supose
Who the hell cares though, lets take off our clothes !!

awww so much fun writting that.

The Tesseract

TRIBE Member
here i sit disenhearted
paid my dime
and only farted.

- on the wall of a washroom stall.

Haikus: what?s the point?
Relying on syllables
To make lame poem.
- unknown writer

Ditto Much

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Quitting is hard to do
To say I won't miss you
To pretend there are better things
And keep a straight face that stings

Three years ago I sat down
No I think your some kind of clown
The position I though I would love so much
Now gives me a pain where I don't like to touch

Through the years we have had many laughs
Most of them caused by your stupid gaffs
I have covered for your short comings
Now all I do is take credit for your fumbling

It not that I don't want the job
Its that you are such a knob
I'm sure the company is doing great
No thanks to the greatest mistake

Each day when I wake up in the morning
I can only think of the tasks that are boring
So with this poem I do close
And think what I'd like to do with my hose.
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I'd willingly fertilize Mary,
And watch for nine months her shape vary,
From the very first day,
To the child-birth display,
When her tits would turn into a dairy.


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I don't not have the time
or patience
to listen
to your silly little ramblings

you don't think the rest of the world has problems

listen to yourself
you sound like a baby
whining and crying that you're so hard done by
suck it up, like the rest of us have.

basically shit or get off the pot
cuz I"m sick of hearing about it.

........fun little Mundane Monday rants


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He said to me "I’ve never been alone" - and I said "thats funny I feel like I’ve been alone all my life."

Let me in - no complications
Let me in - your head, please

What are you thinking when you stare at me across the room - do you want me as much as I want you

Why did you kiss me that night
do you just give out kisses with your free soul, cuz I dont

I want to rewind time-till that night when we finally touched...it seemed right but I like to be naive

I like to pretend that people follow their hearts instead of instant gratification

So much tension between us - part of me doesn’t want it to break

I want to talk to you forever without ever talking at all - I feel you can read my thoughts like our souls are tied together and we are ignoring it...

How is it that you can barely talk to someone and feel like you’ve known them your whole life - I feel like you are me - your deep eyes - your deep heart - but yet on the surface your are so hard - so much harder than me - I just want to get lost in you- give myself a break-

why can’t "we" just tell people how we feel and them not feel alienated?

Emotions are so strong - sometimes for a brief second I wish for my emotions to go away...
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