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Ever been made the scapegoat for something...


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SO here's the deal, I work for a company that provides registration and Lead Retrieval (badge Scanners) solutions at trade shows and conferences.

The company in it's infinate wisdom, decided to go out and buy a million dollars worth of handheld wireless scan units. At first glance they are a pretty sweet unit, and have the potential, to do a really, really good job, but.... they didn't really field test these units before sending them out to show on a large scale, and now there are obviously issues that are cropping up.

Instead of admitting that they were perhaps wrong about rushing the rollout of these units without fully field testing them, they try to blame the problems on poor training of the exhibitors at the show, which is basically blaming the people who train said exhibitors, of which I am one.

The thing is that when we give the exhibitors the training, we are showing them exactly they way that we were trained to use the unit, so it doesn't make any sense.

In talking to one of my bosses today, after a bit of a disaster of a show, and a show management company, not being very happy, he basically told me, that although they understand that it's not necessarily and issue with me, that if it's between me taking the fall for it to this show management company and the not perfect system taking the blame for the problems, that I am going to wind up the loser.

Although I realize that in business, you sometimes have to shoulder the blame for things that have nothing to do with you, and just take it.

It's just hard for me to accept it, and I am afraid that the show management company is going to think that I am the main reason for all of the lead retrieval problems at the show.

very frustrating :mad:
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Sunshyne Jones

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sounds like
(a) you have a right to be frustrated and
(b) your boss is telling you there's nothing you can do about it

that sucks man!

I hope it works out better than you think it will!


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cover your butt as much as you can.

show research of perhaps the failings of the system...*shrugs*

in my last job, i'd made reccommendations within my first month of employment....mentioning ways to better the system in place in order to keep proceedure watertight. A year and a half later, i left the job because all of a sudden, my manager was blaming everyone in her department (*one of those people was me!) because we didn't have a handle on a system that was in her mind and not on paper. Of course the stuff I'd recommended we should do in the beginning was suddenly the solution to all the problems. i gave my notice shortly afterward. thankfully i had a memo of these reccomendations and let the company manager know after giving notice that i had tried! :(