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even gods have birthdays

Syntax Error

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zeus' is on january 12
thor is february 7
mine is today(same with rosario dawson, ghostface killah and john ashcroft).

show me some love. i really shouldn't have to ask for it after all that we've been through. i will make it up to you. i promise to.

i really fucking hate my dentist.

ba ba ba ba.
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TRIBE Member
So you wish you were a god... ?

or you want some birthday wishes... ?

Happy B-Day...


TRIBE Member
Happy Birthday you fat piece of shit....

do us a favour and produce another music video. the last one sucked big time.
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if i would've started my own bday thread, you wouldn't have given me love at all...

but fuck it... the rejected must be loved....

happy bday.


TRIBE Member
if you weren't such a consistant wretched cockbag i'd wish you a big happy birthday.

as it is you get a regular happy birthday.



TRIBE Member
dear syntax,

happy birthday! I hate to pop your delusion, but you're not a god. But then again, you stated that you're not happy unless your miserable.

p.s. santa and the easter bunny aren't real.


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happy birthday!
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glych t.anomaly

TRIBE Member
happy bday dood !

you are one talented ornery cantankerous sonofabitch :D

hopefully ill get to buy you a drink one of these days.

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Tony. You are one of the few people in the world who tolerates me, and your genious constantly amuses me. For that and more I am greatful to have you as a friend. Happy birthday buddy, and I hope you and your beautiful wife have a fantastic time in Mexico. Canada sucks. :)

ps loltran