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Evangelion - WTF?

Can someone please explain to me the basis of this series and where the fuck the beginning of the series is? I'm completely lost (rented from what seems to be the last two of the series), and would like to have a smattering of knowledge of what the hell I'm watching.
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I know there's some chick with a nice ass running around in a tight space suit that shows off her nice ass

Summarized by my brother though:

basically these alien forces are coming down to the earth to destroy the world so the humans end up developing their technology and the aliens leave, to come back in like 100 years
humans make these giant bio robots to fight the angels (aliens) as they come down


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I just asked my brother, he said it is a hard question to answer.

He says that it's about a group of "Special" children who are able to use to "evangelions" (the robots) to fight the "angel" characters.

He always said the movies are somewhat based around humanity and what makes us who we are.

Then there was something about how one of the kids father's is bad and is trying to ressurect his wife.

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It begins with a boy named Shinji who gets caught up in a city that is attacked by a giant monster, namely this dude here "sachiel"


The UN drops a whole bunch of nukes on the monster and vaporises it. It regenerates completely within days.

during the attack, he escapes to tokyo where he is selected to pilot a giant machine called an evangelion to kill that monster.

Later on a whole bunch of stuff is revealed about the nature of the evangelions, how literal the name angel actually is, and lots of gory battles and philosophy about man vs god.

It's pretty crazy stuff.
I'm seeing a fuck of a lot of Christian imagery, some very deeply scarred psyches from being the only culture that has ever been submitted to a nuclear attack and a lot of sex and death imagery combined with a near obsession with crucifixion. Giant robo annihilation to Mozart's Air on a G String was kind of an interesting juxtaposition.

They're a wacky bunch they are.