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European Clubs


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I am going backpacking trough out Europe. Leaving on July 17 and staying till August 22.

I will be visiting Holland, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Grece, France, Spain and Hungary.

Does anyone have any Clubs/Events/Raves to recomend I should visit?? I am mainly intrested in events where there is Trance and Drum&Base. Would like to party as much as posible while I am in Europe.


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in italy go to rimini and riccione...pure clubbing towns...check out coccoricco, embassy, ecu, and cellophane. all the big italian djs (claudio coccolutto, mario piu, mauro picotto, marco carola, gaetano parisio, cricco castelli, etc.) are there during the summer months.


In Berlin, be sure to check out Tresor, Globus, Casino, and WMF.

And try to hit up the July SommerSafari and Love Parade festivals if you can.


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Apparently there's this really good techno club in Berlin called...the Vault, I think...anyway, it's in the sub sub sub level basement of an old warehouse or something, and you have to take an elevator however many floors down to get there. So it's completely soundproof. So they can make it as loud as they want. And they play techno! Can you really ask for more?
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