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Europe Must-See Places


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I'm heading to Europe for 3 months on tuesday, can anyone suggest some must see places. Or for that matter any suggestions in regards to the trip at all. It would be greatly appreciated.

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St. Petersburg, went last summer, can't get it out of my head ever since.
Lithuania, Estonia are pretty nice too


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my never-changing top 3:

1) holland - head for XXX aka amsterdam (wish i could buy i house on herengracht)
2) spain - try mallorca (want to retire there)
3) bayern (southern germany)

<-- wants to jump on a plane right now:(


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If you are into adventure, you should go check out small vocanic island called Stromboli near Sicily. You can hike up to the top and camp out by the volcanic crater and watch eruptions all night. Its somewhat difficult journey to get to the top of the crater and there is a bit of risk involved, but its definitely worth the effort. There aren't words to describe what its like witnessing lava being shot up into the sky right in front of you while the earth trembles.
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Cheap Ego

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Go visit the Auschvitz and Birkenau concentration camps in Poland. Birkenau has hardly been touched since the war, so as you're walking around it seems like the Nazis just left yesterday. This will probably change now that PL is in the EU. Check it out before some moron decides they should spruce up the place.

Not the happiest part of the trip, but by far the most rewarding. A very essential part of Europe's history.


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To Europe & Beyond!

I lived in England for 5 years & in that time had a lot of time to venture through Europe .. it depends on what you are looking for!

If you are looking for history & fantastic architecture:

Italy - Rome
Prague - Czech Replublic
England - all over (but beware of the rain)
Austria - Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities i've ever been 2!!

If you are looking for partying:

England - London
Germany - Berlin
Spain - Ibiza (crazy expensive & very messy but lots of fun)
(Ireland is also cool ...)

If you are looking for culture:

France - Paris (but VERY expensive)
Italy - Milan (the shopping is AMAZING)
Spain - any of the bigger cities (Barcelona, madrid)

Hope this helps! :) Try getting a Euro pass - gets you on all the trains through Europe ..

Linzee xx


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Re: To Europe & Beyond!

Originally posted by LadyLinzee
If you are looking for culture:

ummm.... if this is what you're looking for I think it can be found in ever CORNER Of Europe, and can't really be narrowed down to three places!

Laura <--- has been to ireland, vienna, paris and czech and loved them all.


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Where to go in Europe....hmmm there is so much to see! The south of France is gorgeous, especially Monaco at night. Nice is a great little shopping town as well. If you are in Italy then my vote is to either go to Florence or Venice. The architecture in Florence is breathtaking, and Venice is just so rich in culture. My advice is to take a trip to the Greek Isles, especially Mykonos! Mykonos was by far the best place I ever vacationed in Europe!
Driving through the Swiss and Austrian alps is also a wonderful experience and if you are near Vienna, then take a trip tp Happsburgs palace to tour the gardens. Or do like I did, and base your trip on visiting the Schnappes factory....you won't be dissapointed! Paragliding in the Swiss alps is something that I will never forget! Holland is also a beatutiful country, and being in Amsterdam is just an experience all its own. Besides the obvious reason that people visit Amsterdam, it is such a pretty city. You can pratically walk from one end of the city to the other in less then an hour, and it is a most enjoyable experience. Hope that might give you some ideas!'



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You may totally reject this idea but I will suggest it anyway. I know many people who booked tours through Contiki, and having done one myself I can vouch that they are well worth it. They are based out of the Royal National Hotel in London, and many people I know did one of the tours, and then afterwards went back to certain places that they were taken to on the tour that stuck out to them. Its something to consider.

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from a scenic perspective I'd HIGHLY recommend Prague
make sure you go on one of the castle tours.
and check out the jewish quarters.
its so gorgeous there.
Paris is amazing too :)!
there is so much to see there!

I really loved London and Amsterdam as well... but I didn't get as much from them culturally/ scenically as I did Prague/Paris.
but ohhh what a party they both were :D:D!

Lit'l Jalapeno

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Amalfi Coast in Italy. Stunning.

Island of Santorini, Greece. Its all the pictures you've ever seen of Greece ... and Greek yogurt is the best!

Cinque Terre (5 Fishing Villages). Its in north-west Italy just south of Genova. Excellent hiking on the coastal mountains between the five villages. Excellent sea food too!


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Berlin--to enjoy the scenery, leftover pieces of THE WALL, LOVE PARADE in July..and the food..:)
Paris--to see french xxx district on Montmarte ..bring lots of $$ though ..its $$ like it was stated b4...
Poland--very historic and the concentration camps are an amazing experience like it was also said b4
Spain--Costa Brava or Costa del Sol...one word BEAUTFIUL (as well Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza) and ya there are out of control parties..again very $$$$

I am also heading to Europe for the summer..can't wait to see Athens and Prague...and eat some spanakopitas yummay :D


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the most impressive part of europe that i've seen is the italian/french riviera (san remo, nice, monaco, monte carlo). stunning! and i smoked the best hash ever in those parts. :cool:
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Originally posted by xtollo
suggestions in regards to the trip at all


Cancel all your plans, get a cheap hotel or hostel in Amsterdam and hole up in a coffee shop for 3 months...


Originally posted by Lit'l Jalapeno

Cinque Terre (5 Fishing Villages). Its in north-west Italy just south of Genova. Excellent hiking on the coastal mountains between the five villages. Excellent sea food too!

Oh god yes. The village of Carnazza has a fully nude beach which was lots of fun - being with a handful of hot american girls at the time.

This is me in the Cinque Terre village of Riomaggiore.


I was there for more than 3 months, and I didn't even come close to going everywhere I wanted to. Some fave places though are Berlin, Brighton England, Barcelona, Helsinki, Munich, Rome, San Sebastien Spain, Prague, Paris, Interlaken, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Talk to people on your trip, and they'll have great suggestions, just be sure to get off the beaten path every once in a while.

My www page has loads of pics from my trip - PM me if you want any other suggestions.

And have a blast on your trip dude.


Originally posted by Locke
If in Belgium:

..... Bruges is one of the nicest cities in europe.

Damn right. Most beautiful city I have ever seen.

A close second is Florence, Italy. :)
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If you're going to Amsterdam to do that whole thing, which I highly recommend, be sure to take a few days and go to Luxemburg. Not a big stop on the tourist route but definitely worth it. Such a beautiful city.

French Riviera is beautiful, the Italian even moreso.

Doesn't really matter where you go, you're going to have a great time.
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