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Essential Mix Heads Up


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Back for another round of turntablist techno trickery

Essential Mix April 11, 2004 feat. Dave Clarke

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Originally posted by seeker
Back for another round of turntablist techno trickery

Essential Mix April 11, 2004 feat. Dave Clarke


uh oh

the last one i heard was the one he did with that sweet intro. (and he spins King Of Snake around the 20:00 minute mark)

that was very heavily rotated around my place.

here's hoping for another slice of sweet pie!


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he's done several great ones, that's for sure. his mix from Jan '95 is nice, tough bangin' funky stuff. His one from '00 is nice for the electro stuff in the second half. This was the mix that finally taught me to appreciate what turntablists were doing with techno records in the first place.

Can't wait to see what he does this time around. Hopefully more illektro


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Take heed world. Weed take Hold. You have been told.

"To me you're nothing (destroy nothing)" <- evil shite :eek:

Yes, Mr Clarke, I believe you mentioned something about the dark side?
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The Essential Mix Tracklist: 11/04/2004

Dave Clarke

Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Motown)
White Label - Unknown (Zuv2002)
White Label - Unknown (Ion001)
Pacou - Unknown (Tre 209)
Jeff Mills - 31J56-4 (Axis Records)
Claude Young - James Ruskin Remix (White label)
Dave Clarke - Just Ride (Ruskin Remix) (Skint)
BMB - Emtec (White Label)
Umek - HIVID (White Label)
Jeff Mills - Late Night (Tresor)
Makaton - White Label (Rodz – Konez)
Transition - Transition (UR)
Club MCM - Sterac Mix (White Label)
Ectasy Club - Jesus Loves Acid (White Label)
Cem Salman - Oral (Teknotika)
Bad Pimps - Soul Power (Terminal M)
Kalpa - MK004 (Pure Plastic)
H&M - Suspense (Axis Records)
Echoplex - Magnetic Share of Wonders (End To End)
Black Noise - Nature Of The Beast Remixes Pt2 (End To End)
Petar Dundov - B2 (Music Man)
Scan 7 - White Label (B Tracks)
Laibach - Tranz Mit (Umek ‘Upbeat’ Remix) (White Label)
The Advent - Houdini (White Label)
Optic Nerve - Back From The Future (Puzzelbox)
T-wrex - Attack Of The Clones (Satamile NYC)
Sbasship - Block Universe EP (Electronic Corp)
Keith Tucker - When Metroplex was Meteroplex (Twilight 76 Recs.)
Mystic K - The Dust EP (ETRX018)
B Boy Beats & Pieces 02 - Saxon Scoundrel (Fresh Fest)
Ice-T, The Glove & Dave - Storiss Reckless (Taxidermi Records)
Psylocity - Pump It (Klang Der Maschinen)
DJ Rush - Auralizer vs DJ Dexter (Djax Up Beats)
Wyndell Long - Ghetto Fabulous (Djax Up Beats)
DJ Omega - White Label (White Label)
Dave Clarke - Way Of Life (Skint)
Popero 1 - White Label (White Label)
Justin Berkovi - I Can Feel The Sound (Predicaments)
Dynarec - Lost Souls (White Label)
MB Electronics - White Label (White Label)
Backdraft - Filter EP (End To End)
Alternation - White Label (White Label)
Long Vision - Drive (Planete Rouge)
Tim Xavier - Scandalistic Endeavour EP (Mafia Recs.)
Christian Varela - White Label (Black Code No. 4)
Cane - Teknotest (Acrola)
Michel Forza - Perimeter (Diki Records)
Futago Industries - Abantu (Teknotika)
Wyndell Long - Birth Control (Pro-Jex)
Speedy J/Literon - Collabs 200 (Novamute)
Fixmer/McCarthy - Suicide (White Label)
Skinny Puppy - Assimilate (White Label)
Bad Brains - Intro (White Label)

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well at least he did not over do the pioneer this time. Still it was rather drab after the first 30 mins. *yawns* :eek:
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