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Escalator diving isnt a smart activity


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i'm a darwinist, and cold hearted. I find it impossible to feel pity for people who things like this to themselves.

EDIT: i was surprised how close he got to making it to the bottom
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warning this video is kinda graphic so if you're like me and a pussy-

the summary is that some dillbag takes a dive down an escalator and does a high speed face plant halfway down leaving a bloody face and a broken arm.


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it would have been really neat if his face began getting pulled into the bottom of the escalator like itchy and scratchy.

Then his skin would have been sucked into the teeth at the bottom and he would be a big blob of muscles and bone.!

What an asshat

I forgot to add, THATS HILARIOUS !!!!!
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Hey he is so not retarded.

If you freeze the video frame by frame you can see that he is mearly trying to get his extreame dorito's back. You can just barely see them blurred ahead of him by a few frames. I cant blame you for not seeing it before. Those extreame dorito's move fuckin' FAST.