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So I'm trying to hook up an external HDD to my Rogers HD8300 PVR.

I know there are plenty of 1000-page threads on digitalhome and AVS, but I'm looking for a quick answer.

I bought an eSATA-eSATA cable from Canada Computers. It physically fits into the eSATA port on the HDD enclosure (natch) and into the SATA port on the PVR without a problem. However, the PVR fails to detect the drive, and when it does, states that there is a connectivity issue.

I've read comments online that I may actually need an eSATA-SATA cable to make this happen.

Electronically however, I thought eSATA/SATA were the same; and that it was just a physical difference w.r.t. the plug.

So if this thing fails to work with the eSATA-eSATA cable, would a eSATA-SATA cable actually work instead?


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I have my external HDD with an esata to sata cable. There definitely is a procedure to enabling the drive. I think I recall having to reboot the PVR 2 or 3 times before things worked.

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