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Eric Morillo's Album


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I have been looking for the Subliminal Winter Sessions Number 5 (?) by Eric Morillo ever since I came to Canada but I cant find it anywhere- I have tried different HMV's and other chains like Sunrise. Does anyone know if it is even out in Canada yet, or where I can get it if that is the case?


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theres 2 releases

subliminal sessions 5 mixed by eyebrows morillo...

and winter sessions

subsessions 5 is currently release internationally and I believe you can order it from HMV and other music shops

winter sessions is as far as I believe a UK/euro release....thats not to say you cannot cop it...

best bett DirtyMatt is to order it online from amazon or from subliminal records website....

if anything contact play de record (local downtown record shope on yonge) and see if they can order or at least have one or both of these WICKED cd's...

by the way Morillos having a winter sessions cd release tour that stops at the guvernment on Jan 31st....



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Thanks for the info and the heads up on Morillo at the Guv- definitely be there as it is going to be ridiculously good. I should out something in rolecalls for this I suppose.