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Eric Lork " Room for Improvement"

Buddy Holly

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Look out people. Eric has a new devastating mix out. I just received a copy in the mail and it is excellent. Starts out nice and deep and rolls and rolls into this supreme string of great tunes that stand out out on their own as he weaves in and out of them like a bank robber.

Stellar mix Eric. You have such a gift for blending and arranging tracks. So beautiful. I would love to have your ear for music. If this is anything like his set coming up in April for Kick magazine then I would put myself front, right and centre. Not to be missed. I urge anyone to hunt a copy of this disc down ASAP. Great stuff. Awesome mix, what more can be said.

There is 'no room for improvement' on this disc!!!
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Hey -- we shouldn't have to hunt. Eric -- stop holding out on us and post it up in da hizzouse!


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You are very generous.
The set is pretty much (rejigged a bit) what I played @ Tempo Feb 25. I'll post tracklist & link when I put it up for D/L. That may be on the Kick site in April.
I've got to get a .wav -> .mp3 converter. I'm so ghetto.
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