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eric cloutier - the tension between stillness and motion [techouse, minimal techno]


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haven't posted on tribe in ages. i read it often, just to keep tabs on things in t.o., but haven't actually made any input in a while...my own damn fault.

regardless, this is a mix i made a few months ago. don't know why i never posted it here, as i love getting feedback from some of the techno players i know from the area (task, isoprax, etc), but, better late than never...here it is.

feedback greatly appreciated.

eric cloutier - the tension between stillness and motion.mp3
01. trentmoller - prana [audiomatique]
02. guido schneider - moesko [pokerflat recordings]
03. steve bug + common factor - say when [tactile]
04. scott pace - acid baby [honchos music]
05. dj fex - mysterious conversation (tanzmann + stefanik remix) [dessous]
06. theorem vs. stewart walker - minor explosions [thx]
07. monsoon - healing hands [driftwood]
08. subjekt - stepback (rob mello's no ears remix) [crosstown rebels]
09. steve bug - fr 101.3 [pokerflat recordings]
10. common factor - in trouble's arms [soma]
11. lusine - slapback [ghostly]
12. theorem vs. swayzak - break in at apartment 205 [thx]
13. swayzak - blufarm [pagan]

and yes, i dropped "element.8" to use my real name. i know a few of you on here really enjoyed one of my other mixes, "the anatomy of a journey", which was me as e.8.

thanks for the listen, and hope to hear some reviews!

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