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Equinox update!

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by Time, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. Time

    Time TRIBE Promoter

    For those who haven't heard yet...

    1Groove.com has decide to get rid of all the dj's/tp's and some of the exec's. They figure they'll do better with a completely automated format.

    Fortunately... i've managed to secure a new timeslot at djshows.com. The show will continue on Sunday Nights from 8-10pm -starting this Sunday!

    I imagine most of you are already familiar with the site, since another Triber (Doug aka Tekkid) has been doing a show (along with Curt Martin) called Technificent, for a little while now.

    Anyways, the format of the show will pretty much be the same - Techno with some house + guests.


  2. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    Do they have a studio yet, or will you be broadcasting from your place?

  3. Time

    Time TRIBE Promoter

    They have a new studio set up! I'm going to stop by tonite to check it out.

    Here's a link about some upgrades to Djshows.com that was posted in the Internet Radio forum:
  4. tEkKiD

    tEkKiD TRIBE Promoter


    yeah Migzzie has a wicked studio, downtown location ....

    with video feed...

    anyhoot, nice to have yah aboard Gerald

    mmmmmmm lotsa techno on djshows.... NICE

    SUNDAY -- > EQUINOX www.djshows.com

    TUESDAY --> technificent radio www.djshows.com

    WEDNESDAY --> Neurotek www.beats.to

    --> Subtransit Sessions www.djshows.com

    THURSDAY --> the Real Ghunt www.twelveinch.com

    SATURDAY --> Focus www.beats.to

    wow..... enough awesome local techno talent being broadcasted via internet during the week!!!

    i'll be sure i tune in for yah Gerald... and you best be shoutin' me out when i email yah !!




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  5. roti

    roti TRIBE Member

    i'll be listening in gerald

    those guys have a great website and an awsome dj line up.
    I heard thru the grape vine that every show done out of their studio is a small little online party with lots of chicks, beer and toonage!
    i'll pass by there myself sometime this week.


  6. Time

    Time TRIBE Promoter

    Look out! :eek:

    Here it comes!

    The inaugral episode in just over an hour from now. Just me for the first one, special guests soon to come.


  7. derek

    derek TRIBE Member

    Re: i'll be listening in gerald

    Can I be your first guest DJ, Gerald :D



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