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EPIC @ The Royal York Hotel needs a P/T Service Bartender


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For Saturday and Sunday nights from 6 till Closing (1am)

The current p/t weekend bartender just quit and I'll have to work the weekends until they replace her, which knowing the way the hotel works, will be a while. So, if you know your drinks, know something about wines and scotch I suggest you get your butt down there and introduce yourself to manager on duty in EPIC between 2pm-4pm when their not so busy.

As a side note: I'm leaving the hotel in 6 weeks to move out to Calgary. So there will be a F/T bartender position opening up soon. If you get in p/t now and show interest in becoming full/time the job will probably be yours.

Wicked company to work for due to all the perks that come along with working for Fairmont. The pay is good too.

Hope this helps somebody out there! Good luck!
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