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*** Entire inventory 50% no exceptions ***


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From now until April 1st, Electric Orange Records will have our ENTIRE INVENTORY on sale with no exceptions. This is our entire stock of over 2000 records - major labels as well as whites. No exceptions and no stock held back. No limits on purchases. Even sale stock is reduced which means that we have 3 crates of house priced at less than $5 each!!!

It may sound to good to be true, but there is no catch. The Orange is going thru some major changes come April 01 and we are looking to move as much as we can before that!!!

Some of the names IN STOCK at the store: Deep Dish / Stickmen / Peace Division / Yoshi Toshi / Roger Sanchez / Naked Music / H Foundation / VC / Subliminal / Defected / NRK / St.Germaine / Sneak / Bob Sinclair / Groove Armada ... just to name a few!

Peace and see you at The Orange!

Electric Orange Records
173 King Street East ( at Jarvis ) Toronto
(416) 703 - 5915

House, Progressive, Trance, Hard Trance, UK/NRG, Techno, Jungle & select breaks ...

:) :) :)


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You guys aren't closing are you?

I love going to your shop and usually finding a track I never find at the bigger shops.


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Whats up?

All the partners are 'making some decisions' ... no decisions about anything been made yet, but in the meanwhile - we are using the opp to reduce as much inventory as possible. Hope that helps a bit and make sure you say hi the next time you are in ;) ... peace, Lyphe