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Enterprise 2000 Boat Cruise (July 1st)

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by OLM from HOM, Jul 4, 2001.

  1. OLM from HOM

    OLM from HOM TRIBE Member

    Ok, I know I'm probably the only one on the board who was there besides the DJ's, but I'll do a review anyways.

    Manzone & Strong are residents for this boat cruise, and this week they were joined by Mark & Steve, and Mark Scaife (Peter was in the house without Tyrone, so was Addy).

    The weather turned out to be really crappy in the early morning, so the outlook on the cruise wasn't the greatest. Mark & Steve started off the cruise with some groovy house, but took it a step harder once the boat departed the pier. I was well ruined, and the beats/builds they were playing were tripping me right out. By the time Mark Scaife came on the decks, it was sunny outside, with a fair bit of wind going through the ship. Anyhow, from what I can remember, Mark started off with some good progressive beats, then went into Trance, then back into some harder beats. He rocked the boat with 2 classics, Lustral's 'Everytime', and Underworld's 'Dark and Long'... heck, he even played Sander's mix of 'Scorchio'. Near the end of his set he pulled out a CD-R that he showed to Fabian Strong, and played it ... good track!!! Besides a couple of incidents, his set was awesome! Manzone & Strong came on and rocked the boat with some good House and Progressive. From 'Alright', to 'Dance 2', to 'Austins Groove', they really got the crowd to use up their last remaining bits of energy.

    Yup yup ... so that's that ... good cruise!!!


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