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Enter the Matrix for X-BOX - HELP!!!


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Im stuck on one of the levels where it asks u to blow up or disable the three gear things! I have idea wtf it is talking about...

If anyone has played the game and has beaten this level plz tell me what to do!

or if u know of any free online stadegy guides that would be cool to......

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YES! - im going to go try it now!!!!

At the top of the ladder you are welcomed by the sound of gunfire and
the life bars of both Ice and Corrupt. Take out the small squad of
officers in front of you and circle around the center fixture to the
left. Around the next corner is a place to climb up onto the upper
ledge. Here you will see Ice and Corrupt on a walkway above. Soon after
a large contingent of cops will begin to repel from the ceiling. Circle
around the center machine work and take them out. Be careful not to
fall or the cops will focus their attention on Ice and Corrupt.
Continue clearing the upper ledge until you receive the message from
Sparks to blow out the anchors on the center machine. Equip the shotgun
and go into first person mode. Aim at the three anchors that are
attached to the center machine. There are cops that repel from the
ceiling, ignore them for the time being since they are an endless
supply. Once you have blown the three anchors, the machine will go out
of whack and create a large explosion. The blast will open up a hole in
the wall for your escape. Quickly run and focus jump into opening to
end the level.
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Is this game any good? I have it but haven't opened it. I can exchange it for a choice of two other games (but I don't know what they are).

worth cracking the celophane?

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