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Enter the COVEN


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You have now crossed over into that which cannot be crossed back.

Prepare yourself for the Mystical Assassin has begun its journey. It dwells in the deepest corners of your mind....the COVEN.
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Once you enter The COVEN you can never leave.
All your darkest wants and desires dwell within its walls. You cannot hide from yourself inside the COVEN. You cannot pretend to be anything that you are not. You cannot be untrue to the real you.

You ARE the COVEN.


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The COVEN is you.

Once you enter you cease to exist - only COVEN will remain from what you used to know as your former self.

You cannot run - hide - or escape the COVEN.

You are slave to COVEN. COVEN is your master. Seek truth and you will only find that which the COVEN already knows.....

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