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Enough with the heroin, who's into morphine??


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apart from patients that are terminally ill, who takes morphine? what is the demographic of a morphine addict? anything to do with heroin?

inquiring minds want to know!
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y'all probably already know this but, heroin was developed to treat morphine addiction, it's name comes from it's "heroic" success in that area. ironic eh?


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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
Where do you get your morphine?

Your Mom used to deal it ... and that's where I'd get mine
Whenever I came over for a booty call she'd hook me up


The Watcher

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Morphine is the stuff to do, but it's short lived.

Other than that... it's pretty good.

I wont ever do it again though.
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how bout opium? who's had opium?

i find it amazing the poppy is the source of all the most potent drug/pharmaceuticals available...codeine/opium/morphine/heroin.

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Subsonic Chronic

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Don't you know???

Ecstacy contains morphine!!!

Dealers put it in to make people more addicted to it!!

You guys are digging your own graves...

*does finger waving thing*



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When I was in the hospital for a broken tibia + fibia, I discovered that I am immune to morphine. Seriously, the only thing the shots in my ass ever did was give me a sore ass. Then, the nurse would come in with 2 or 3 Percocet and I'd float away.......

I dunno, maybe for some reason my body only accepts pills? ;)



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I had a couple of friends who got addicted to morphine as a result of being treated for accidents. One dabbled in heroin as well and had an OD. Thankfully he's okay now.

I have another friend who has smoked opium and says it's great. I've seen the after-effects of opium on yet another friend and it was frightening...she was shaking all over.

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Originally posted by tommysmalls
apart from patients that are terminally ill, who takes morphine?

People who have major surgery take it too.

Anth takes 2 every 4 hours and he's still in pain.


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I take morphine occasionally for hardcore ovarian problems as the result of an accident. It just makes me pass out. :)