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Enough is Enough


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This is where this will end up and I'm scared to post in the general or politics forum, but I gotta say I'm getting sick of the Jack love in.

Half the people in my office didn't vote but they love the man and what's he's done. (they have no idea what he has done or accomplished)

It's like the olympics all over again. Everyone is an expert on luge every 4 years.

Now everyone is an expert of his legacy and life.

People crying? Really? I guess I'm heartless but I just don't get it.

He was not the social conscience of this nation and was insignificant politically until this year so I think the state funeral is a bit much, but whatever.

His letter actually offended me. To the people of this and that. We are all Canadian and I think Jack forgot that. Good way to get more Quebec on your side though.

Take nothing away from his death and the effects of Cancer are devastating and I wish his family all the best but enough is enough.

I don't think Jack will have a big legacy in 30-40 years.


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fitting he gets a state funeral. He's been living off the state for long enough. Whats a few more days?

Hi i'm God

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I'm pretty tempted to take this bait.

In the mean time Fuck EVERY cop who gets a prarade or public funeral of any kind.
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Sal De Ban

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you're both jealous. dont worry - you'll be remembered for everything you've done for Tribe.ca :D

edit: funeral at TBQ!
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One good thing came from all of this, the drama in the Jack thread pointed me to this room.

Throughout my entire time on Tribe this is the first time I've ever actually come in here. I honestly thought it was filled with threads about happy hardcore...lol

The thought of Jack getting a majority frightened me, but as mentioned in the other thread, IMO he's one of only very few who have earned the title "honourable".

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