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Engraved Pens....Any suggested suppliers?


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Hi there,
I am so glad that I can reach out to the Tribe whenever I am stuck in the office seeking some useful information. LOL

We need to have 2-dozens of customized pens (engraved with our company and partner's names etc) made by April 21st. We got less than 2 weeks to go.

We are currently considering this craft shop at Yorkville for this (canadian made pens) as we want to represent ourselves as a Canuck, but we also need to have an alternative, as timing/deadline is reaching soon, and this fancy craft pens from Yorkville may not make it on time.

So do you have any suggestions where to purchase good corporate/craft pens that can be engraved??

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much!


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Discount and you can negotiate to get more. They have "buy one shipment, get another shipment free."

We use them all the time and it's really inexpensive. Very good turnover and wonderful sales people on the phone. The pens are nice too. Not plastic-y and cheap looking.
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