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engine - abstractrepitition vol.one


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Is now on the tribe ftp site
download the one that is 84 megs- the others are incomplete and wont work.

If you do download it- please tell me what you think since this demo has gotten me alot of gigs- but genreally with the more ravey companies.
Im guessing that comments will fall along the lines of calling it boring hard tribal techno and techouse. But eh- its good so listen damnit!

host: sonicstate.sdf1.net
port: 21
login: tribe
password: tribe



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yo tyler....

still doesn't work dude....

the one you say to download is just a folder with no contents in it?




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i grabbed it yesterday afternoon. after i downloaded it i had to add the ".mp3" extension to it though.... odd.

anyway, i didn't get a chance to listen to all of it, but what i did hear, i liked.

on a side note, i wish that i could be more competently critical of people's sets. not so that i can say things like "that just sucked", but so that i could be more constructive. it's kind of vague, IMHO, when i say "yeah, i liked this".


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I just checked out the server..
and someone cleaned my folder so that there is only one file in it- and thats the real one.
You have to add ".mp3" at the end of the file so it reads: engine-abstractrepititionvol1.mp3

Other wise it wont play on PC's or windows (I have a G4).

tribe > d.code-engine > engine abstractractrepitition vol.one (<-- its in this folder)

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