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Engagement Rings

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Ho||yw0oD, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Ho||yw0oD

    Ho||yw0oD TRIBE Member

    So that time has come for me to man up and get down on one knee. Buying an engagement ring is so intimidating though... especially when I realize my future wife deserves better than money can buy, but reality comes with a budget.

    I'm looking to see if any of you have independent jewelers that you would recommend. So far I have one up at Yonge & Steeles who can get me virtually anything Spence Diamonds has for 1/2 the cost. He also has access to some other things. I would like access to some variety though in order to make the best decision.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    Just avoid Spence because any less sales to them potentially means less ads having to be listened to.
  3. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    Check out the diamond area by Eaton's Centre on Victoria just south of Dundas. There's a bunch of diamond guys in there that I know a couple of people have used with great results. Just be patient, the perfect diamond at the right price will eventually come your way.
  4. agentRC4

    agentRC4 TRIBE Member

    Les Sarak is the man. I got mine done for my wife by him and so have my friends. I get all my jewellery done by him.

    He likes cash!

    Sarak Les Manufacturing Jewellers
    1106-27 Queen St E
    Toronto, ON
    M5C 2M6
    (416) 941-9153
  5. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    I used an old retired Tiffany's jeweller as recommended by a friend.
    If you need, I can PM you his details.

    He did both the engagement ring and then the wedding band to match. My wife loves them and knows that her rings are unique.

    And the appraised value for both rings is double what I paid for them.
  6. I_bRAD

    I_bRAD TRIBE Member

    It would be cheaper and easier just to knock her up
  7. Kinger

    Kinger TRIBE Member

    I go to Edmund at Diamond Moments for all my bling needs.
  8. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    I wonder if we used the same guy. Though I'm not really allowed to refer him to anyone.
  9. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    Was his name Tivadar (or Theo)?
  10. Ho||yw0oD

    Ho||yw0oD TRIBE Member

    Yeah but then she sends me the bill for the abortion and then I just delay having to buy her a ring.
  11. moose-meat

    moose-meat TRIBE Member

  12. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    Nope. My diamond guy actually setup the ring craftsman so not sure his name but he is associated with Tiffany's. Got the ring appraised independently and it was double what I paid and my fiance love love loves it.

    Note, size isn't everything. I've seen big rocks that look lifeless. The diamond I got is a bit smaller (1.3c) but it shines like a mofo.

    Also I was told to beware of exact 1.5c diamonds. Most diamond cutters will take rock that really should be a 1.4 something and make it a 1.5c since it's more popular.
  13. agentRC4

    agentRC4 TRIBE Member

    That pretty standard that the appraisal will come back about double what you paid.

    Insured value and actual value are two different things.
  14. Hybrid

    Hybrid TRIBE Member

    I delt with a Designer who used to work for Cartier. She works out of her home near Yorkdale. Her name is Mary Lou and she is a little fire ball. She can make any thing your heart desires and her prices are great. I knew she was a good thing the first time I met her. I had brought in some old family rings to melt down and when I showed the to her she refused to use them. When I asked why, she showed me the tiny makers makes on the inside and explained that the were antiques from ireland and it would be a shame to melt them down. She spends half the year in Toronto and the other half dealing with her clients in Rome. She will be in Canada now because its cooler than Rome. If your interested I can Send you her contact info.
  15. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    Seems like everyone has a "connection" which leads to the question: why would anyone pay retail or buy through Birk's, Tiffany's and Spence?
  16. eddie

    eddie TRIBE Member

    please call me I have a great guy. I send everyone there and have not had anyone ever beat his prices. He also does custom if needed. He is a designer and has the best if anyone needs anything this is the guy to see.
    I sent you a pm you should for sure go check him out to compare his quote to other guys.
  17. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    cause it comes in a pretty and distinctive box/bag, and has a movie staring audrey hepburn named after it!!!!!
  18. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    Or in my brother's case you can't wait the 2 weeks for a custom made ring and need something NOWNOWNOW!
  19. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    This needs to be repeated.

    My wife loves how "sparkly" her ring is.

    Everytime we're outside she marvels at it.

    I went 1.4 and even though it's smaller...it looks way better than my brother's fiancee's ring.
  20. Persephone

    Persephone TRIBE Member

    Warranties. The little guy doesn't generally offer a warranty.
  21. KillaLadY

    KillaLadY TRIBE Member

    Agreed... that is where my fiancee went and had fantastic service, reasonable price for an incredibly stunning piece of jewelery. It sparkles so much! :)

    Get some education in terms of size, shape, etc... size isn't the most important thing, clarity and cut is. (well, it depends on what you are looking for).
  22. Ho||yw0oD

    Ho||yw0oD TRIBE Member

    Thanks everyone. Keep it coming.

    And yeah I've definitely had to do my homework and I made sure to let me gf show me different things she likes. I've narrowed it down to...

    Shape: Round Brilliant or Cushion (surprisingly she really likes the cushion, which could potentially save me some big money)
    Cut: Ideal
    Colour: F
    Clarity: VS2 or better
    Carat: 1.00-1.25
    Setting: Petite Pave or Split Shank w/ platinum or white gold.
  23. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    That's what insurance is for.

    And if your ring "breaks"....that's not a good thing.

    Or do you mean for lost/fallen diamonds?
  24. Kinger

    Kinger TRIBE Member

    I would demand my money back if the blood began to fade from the diamond.
  25. agentRC4

    agentRC4 TRIBE Member

    I hate it when my diamonds cloud up after a shower.

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