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Enforcers EP - Reinforced

evil homer

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These are four wicked tunes, pure quality, no filler. Loving the reinforced releases of late. Breakage on this one too (and i see he has an EP out, stole my bloody idea of sampling the orbs 6,7,8,9). Anyways, I was dying to get my hand on this Enforcers release, saw it came into chemical yesterday, went to order today and it was gone. For those in the same boat, never fear, it is also on juno.

anyone got this yet, any other opinions.

My Top 5 this week

1)Invaderz - Winter Sun
2)Klute - Galaxian/Glue Sniffer
3)Sonic & Silver - Deepend
4)Green Man & Klute - Chirashi
5)Future Prophecies - Colours Dub
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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My current 5

Sonic and Silver-Hard Times
Pascal-Turn it over
HIgh Contrast- make me tonight
High Contrast-Spaced Invaders remix
J Majik-Share the Blame (can't wait till this comes out)


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I agree, 4 great tunes on this EP... which is against the norm of late, usually most EPs are one or 2 good tracks and some filler.

For those that haven't seen them, here are the pic discs... nice stuff.



As for a current top 5... as usual its hard to pick just five, so here is 10.

Klute - Curley Wurley/Splendour (Metalheadz)
Polar - Inside the Plot (Cert 18)
Klute & The Green Man - Chirashi (Basswerk)
Total Science - Juicy Fruit (Calibre remix Pt.2) (CIA)
Motion - Remedy (Infrared)
Hidden Agenda - Culture (Dispatch)
Zero Tolerance - Cat Fight (Calibre remix Pt. 1) (Bassbin)
Use of Weapons - Switchblade (Droppin Science)
J Majik - Tell Me (Total Science remix) (Infrared)
4 Hero - A Better Place (MIST remix) (Reinforced)

And a bonus, non-dnb...

Polar - The White Chamber EP (Cert 18) <--- BRILLIANT!