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ENDO Entering Your Mind


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Just got home from work, feeling like ass.

But, it was all worth it.

I thought I was going to have to wait in line for a bit, but I got in no probs riding the coatails of Number Nine and Katherine.

Got there at 11:15 or so and missed Spencer
Then Beaker was on and he played a wikked set. Played a jon the dentist tune that rocks. Then was Number Nine and he played a great set as well. Ruckus was tight as usual. Subsonic totally rocked!!


Then I smoked a couple of joints and the rest of the night gets blurrier. Una bomber??? I dont know if there was a special guest or not, or if it was hard techno either, maybe it was someone else. Then I think was Kamikaze. Alright, just not totally rulin. And Omari Taylor was ripping it up for the end of my night.

Nice to see everyone, and thanks to Spencer for post party festivities! And to my partners in crime Sarah, Matt and Dan. You guys rule.

Really nice job Aaron and krew, great party!

Lookforward to another!
Whoever said "the scene is dead" has to re-evaluate the parties they are going to because this party seriously kicked ass.

It was so refreshing to see half the people there dancing their asses off, to see djs actually enjoying every minute of their sets and have an abundance of smiles all around.

I was in such good company, the music was fantastic, and everyone I talked to was having a great time.

Thank you Endo for a fantastic party.

and a HUGE RIGHT THE FUCK ON to the playing of PSYCHO!!!!
Good work guys

Pete and Johanne... sorry I missed you

Spence, great Spinning with ya

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I thought it was a great party, especially for London, where I have only experienced sketchy parties in the past couple of years.

Got there late... around 1:30. Saw some friends of mine from High School stuck in line and unable to get in because of capacity issues. Couldn't use my jedi DJ powers to get them in (Nuts!
), I guess with the cops standing right there enforcing capacity rules to the book I couldn't expect any more. Sucks about all the people who were left standing outside, but I guess that's a lesson about buying tickets in advance.

Got in, caught the end of Ruckus scratching up a storm and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Great crowd! Definitely a little more mature than at the past few London sketch-fests I'd been to, and totally in the mood to party. And what a wicked surprise to see my brother in the crowd after getting started on the decks.
Oh Rob... you shirtless gino you...

This was a great party not just on it's own, but for the scene in London too. It had seemed that over the past few years, the only parties that I experienced in London were really sketchy and dodgy, but Endo has breathed new life into the London scene!

Much respect to the Endo crew for a job well done, and I'm sure I'm not alone when I hope that there will be more to come from these guys.

Johane, you are sooo on point.

I didn't have any huge expectations when I decided to join Matt/Beaker and Sarah/Mutslaster to drive to London for this party. After all, it was only a 400 person party, and how good could a London party be, anyway? I mean, Better Days came out of London, but their flame has long flickered out.

We got there around 9:45, just as the party was starting and was able to catch our own Spence/Spinsah on the decks. It was hard, it was loud and it was nearly flawless. A great brand of acidy breaks that reminded me of a few chemical brother's tracks.

Matt/Beaker was up next, who continued the crisp baselines and hoover effects with some UK hardhouse and NuNRG. After the first few records, some of the crowd had left the dancefloor, but a few tricks and a great mix to follow brought the whole crowd to their feet. Everyone was going absolutely freakin' crazy!

Unabomber was fast and hard as usual, and Kamakaze brought some great old and new booty tracks that reminded me how much I like to shake dat ass!

Overall, the vibe was really good, all smiles and relentless dancers.

The decorations were very original and in some cases very elaborate! You could tell that a lot of work went into transforming the Embassy Hotel. That human-sized sunflower-man cut-out was seriously surreal but in a good way.8)

The intensity of the London party took me completely by surprise! Much thanks and props goes out to Endo for a great night!

PS- A special thanks goes out to Spence for putting us 3 monkeys up for the night. You were a great host.
Awesome party.

From what I saw, the only issue with this party was people without tickets getting in. The fire marshall came hard on these guys at the last minute, which really sucks but its not something that can be really blamed on the company. Everyone who had a ticket could get in almost immediatley(they could just jump to the front of the line which was made up of pretty much all non-ticketholders).

To reiterate what subsonic chronic said, i guess this is a lesson in advance ticket buying.

Otherwise everything went off without a hitch, great music, great vibe. The decor was phenomenal, lots of wierd objects hanging around, little carpeted blocks nested into the corners so people didnt have to sit on the floor(if the ample seating didnt suffice). I noticed a ton of people having alot of fun with the sunflower/magnifying glass thing.

I had a great time, and met alot of cool people. Nice meeting you sarah, dan, and matt, and pete and johane although it was only for a quick second.
kudos to the endo crew, i was really impressed with this party-- great decor and nice vibe; london's scene is small enough that people are still super friendly at parties. it was nice to encounter none of the snottiness that tends to pervade a lot of TO parties.
especially weird being back in london after a year and a half. solid sets for the most part though ruckus and unabomber didn't really deliver the way i expected.
met some wicked people, incl. chris (bass-invader) and dave (preroller-- and he lives up to his name
thanks to spence for letting us crash and to LRP for the ride-- i'll give you that slap upside the head yet, fucker.

"hey... wait a sec, how old are you?"
-dan, to some cute thing
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and cheers to you Birthday boy! (Can't wait untill Sat!)

I had a good time at this party, Pete your set kicked ass! So did Matts' and Spences'. I also enjoyed # 9 and Unabomber. It was great meeting everyone. That was Endos' first party and they're only going to get better!

Pete your set rocked... esspecially when you dropped that Nick Sentience tune diskotek I think it's called? that set me right off...i think I did some hand signal to you at that point.. I wwas right at the front would have been your right, by the speaker...

Anyway, my appologies to Beaker for stepping on the cords at the beginning of his set....

hope to see everyone out again soon

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by mutslaster:
i'll give you that slap upside the head yet, fucker.

"hey... wait a sec, how old are you?"
-dan, to some cute thing

A simple thank you would have sufficed, fucker..


LOL@the cute thing comment.

"Uhhh...I'd like to make out with you, but first, I think I'll have to see some ID"

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The ENDO crew would like to shout out a big thanks to everyone who could make it out. We had an amazing time! It was great seeing a lot of people out who have not been around for awhile.

We'd like to thank all the DJ's for really making this party worth while, we were extremely impressed by everyone.

This was our first party, and after recieving such an emormously positive response from so many people durring and after the party, we feel even more excited as we start to plan our next one.
here are some pics:



Chillout room

Main room

Ack that's me witht the Heineken bottle in my hand LOL!!!

Man what a night! [img]http://www.tribemagazine.com/ubb/wink.gif

I absolutely LOVED this party....
The decor was unbelievabley innovative and all the sets I heard were good.
SUBSONIC :: Deja Vu eh Pete !? Anyways, GREAT set dude...as usual !
MYSELF :: In a bit of a darker zone than usual...This was teh 2nd set I'd play that nigt so I was already done the corwd pleasers but London seemed to eat it up anyways.
KAMIKAZE :: This is why he is the BOOTY HOUSE KING !! Shake it....
OMARI :: 1st time seeing him live..very impressive..thanks for the wikkid cd too..

London people :: Very Nice : ) I was feeling quite welcome and even got some free shirts and music from a few different people I met.
I liked the venue from where I was standing and the people there were out of control...
Thanks for havin' me Endo and keep up the great work !!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Booty Bits:
hey! the 2nd picture of Bass Invader EVER!

isn't that him standing behind Omari Taylor?

yes, yes it is. Are you going to Bitersweet?

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Booty Bits:
hey! the 2nd picture of Bass Invader EVER!

isn't that him standing behind Omari Taylor?

curses! i have been captured once more!
my face looks really sweaty there for some reason...
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