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Empire's Droppin Beats Special with Bad Company (Jan. 4' 02)


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Quite the outstanding party for a first in the year '02! Big up Empire for bringing down )E|B( aka Bad Company after over a year's absence from Toronto.

Opera House was quite jammin'! Sound system was very noteworthy! Crowd was alright, not packed at all. Vibes are really starting to pick up as I've noticed with recent jungle parties.

Glad to see Fresh & Vegas of )E|B( holdin' it down proper dark style a always. They've dramatically honed their mixing skills. Teasers galore and dubs-a-gwan throughout the whole set!!!

Sorted tracklisting while it's still fresh in my memory...

??? - ???
)E|B( - the Nine (tease)
Shy Fx - Shake Your Body
Swift - Future Mainframe
Shimon & Andy C - Bodyrock
??? - ???
Zinc - Ska
??? - ???
)E|B( - Four Days (tease)
)E|B( - Planet Dust (German Cab Ride Edit)
J Majik - Metro-Sound
Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix remix - tease)
??? - ???
Skeptic - Tear (A-Sides remix)
)E|B( - Miami Flashback
Roni Size - Snapshot (tease)
Scorpio - It's Jazzy (tease)
SS - Lighter 2002 (Twisted Individual remix)
Zinc - Fair Fight
)E|B( - Space Hopper
Dillinja - Grimey
Moving Fusion - Atlantix [)E|B( remix - tease]
Total Science - Squash (VIP?)
Dillinja - ??? (tease)
Ed rush & Optical - Pacman (Andy C remix)
Moving Fusion - Thunderball
Ray Keith - Dark Soldier VIP (tease)
Ram Trilogy - Titan
Shy Fx - Shake Your Body (Future fuckin' Cut remix!!!)
Origin Unknown - Truly One (2k1 remix)
)E|B( - Infinity
Reprazent - Out of the Game
)E|B( & Trace - Mutated VIP
)E|B( - Rush Hour

Tune after tune!!! Big up MC P for controlling the mic proper!

Can't say much for the rest of the party. Got to the venue quite late in the AM before Bad Company and left right after them.

As always, props to Empire & all crew for doing their thing! Keep it up!

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Dr. Grinch

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Two really tight sets made up for the FREEZING wait in a line for doors that where SUPPOSED to open at 9pm sharp. Dilligence opened the night with a so-so set with a few hits, but mostly misses. I was really looking forward to Ruckus' set, but his tune selection didn't do it for me (Cept for Your dub is My Dub, love that track). Sniper and Mystical tore the place down though! Some sweet freakin' tunes, and some tight mixes. Caddy Cad also shut up for most of their set which is probably why I wasnt feelin' Ryan's set.

Bad Co. came on just after 2:00am, and to be honest I wans't expecting much, as it seems that usually our DJ's outperform the headliners. In this case I was amazed by how tight these guys where, and the tunes they chose. They rinsed the place out, people everywhere dancing, pure vibes. Wicked Wicked set.

Props to Ruckus and the rest of Empire for the great event. See you all at Sound Clash!


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Ruckus had a wicked set.
Mystical + Sniper did not dissapoint.
Bad Company blew us all away, but by this point, I was feeling kind of tired.

I was literally falling asleep around 4:00am standing at the rail of the balcony at the Opera House, as I'm sure many others were.

It was a mixture of the heat and smoke rising to the top of the venue.

But it was nothing a little water and alot of movement weren't able to fix.

Met alot of new people, didn't see any old people, mostly because I've been staying away from jungle parties for a little over a year.

But Empire has given me a new reason to come back to the more 'rave' type events.


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Oh yeah ..

tracks that made me smile ..

A remix of LTJ Bukem's Music
Future Cut - Midnight (Marcus Intalex + St Files rmx)
A remix of EIB - Flashback

And whatever that song was with the salsa-latin sounding intro ... it got played 3-4 times throughout the night, and each time got a good reaction from the crowd.

Don DaDa

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First off, I have to give respect to Empire for brining in the big names which no one else seems to do anymore. They are running the show when it comes to Jungle. Second off, Bad Company played an insane set. Ten times better then last time I saw em at Turbo. They had some insane remixes which got the crowd nice n hype. Unfortunatly for me I was dead tired...but the set was off the hook.

Other then Bad Company...Illfingas tore it up at the end of the night. That guys got some skillz indeed. He is a master of the Cross Fader.

Nuff repect to Empire
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by zoo:
Ruckus had a wicked set.
Mystical + Sniper did not dissapoint.
Bad Company blew us all away,

zoo, you said it right, an entire night of kick ass beats.

big up empire and all the dj's ... a truely wikkid night.

airbag, what happened to you? only saw you that one time.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by zoo:
And whatever that song was with the salsa-latin sounding intro ... it got played 3-4 times throughout the night, and each time got a good reaction from the crowd.


i think you're talking about shyfx - shake your body


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Wicked night, Empire does it again.

I'm not a big Jungle fan, but I was bopping the whole time...
Ruckus was on when we arrived and rocking it like usual. Nice dub plate

Then was Mystical & Sniper back to back, did not disappoint...

Then up was Bad Company...
Bad Company's set was wicked.. and I'm no Jungle freak.

Left after BC's set, was tired and needed some more sleep after being stranded in an airport for 11hours coming back from California.

Here's a few images from last night ...

BC Cuein it up...

BC Tweaking It!

BC Wrecking It!

MC P & Crowd

Ryan Ruckus

See ya all at Valentine's Day Party!



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^^^thx kenny for posting up pics from last night, those are some great shots.
Sounds like most you had a wicked wicked time last night, anyway hold tight as we do it all again Feb 9th...one word DILLINJA.
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THUG-O-RAMA....and then some. I now have a New Years Resolution...never go to an all ages event again. WAY TOO MANY little kids out for my liking. The "what, what, what, boo, boo, boo, bumbaclut towel wearing jungle thug posse had a convention at this party, but anyway, here is my take on the night...

The Venue: It had been a very long time since I'd been to the Opera House, so it was nice to go back for a change of scene. I was, however, a little concerned about the place not being big enough for the size of the event and I was exactly right. The place was rammed, which made dancing difficult, but I managed. The ventalation in the place was pretty bad, not Life bad, but close. Very smokey and stink'n hot. A BIG worth mentioning was the sound system. Empire did a great job to ensure the sound was proper. Thanks!

The Crowd: Well there was definately a vibe in the venue. The crowd was super pumped all night, especially for BC, but as I'm sure you can tell from above, it was just way to young and way to thugged out. The "new school" junglist is 110% materialistic (GAP should really tap into this scene), 120% thug attitude and 130% disrespectful. I feel so sorry for the poor bastards that had to clean up after this event. The bathrooms were demolished, garbage was all over the place and immature attitude was in full effect. I didn't have any problems with anyone, it was just bothersome.

The Music: I caught the tail end of Ryan's set, so I can't say much, but Mystical and Sniper threw down a great set (as per usual). They had a nice mix of ragga, tech, jump-up, etc. NO complaints. Around 2am or so, Bad Company hopped on the decks and to be honest I thought their intro was VERY weak. Nothing awe inspiring, no big build-up, they just started droppin beats (no pun intended). The crowd went awol for Body Roc (their 3rd or 4th track of the night), but I've heard it 2 billion times over now, so again, not impressed. The first half of thier set proceeded like this, so I figured the night was shot...BUT, mass improvement for the latter half. Lots of dubs and remixes, which is exactly what every headliner should throw down at a party...something the crowd has never heard. Anyhow, this is when the night picked up for me. Some real nice dark, hard, tech tracks, exactly what BC does best. After their set, I was pretty tired and my eyes were stinging like mad from all the cig. smoke, so I took off.

Coat Check: Horrid!!!! We waited 45 minutes and moved no where, so I tossed manners/respect for others out the window and just pushed into the front of the line like everyone else. Had I actually waited, I don't think we would have made it home til Sunday. Please learn how to manage a coat check line, because it put a huge damper on the night.

All in all, the night was pretty good. The back half of BC's set was sick, but the overcrowded venue, immature crowd and the coat check line were a bit of a drag . I will never attend an all ages event again and I think I'm going to stick to local nights only, because it's just too expensive to go see headliners these days (especially considering w/o the dubplates our locals kill them in all aspects). Thank you Empire for all the great events in 2001 and I wish you the best of luck with SoundClash III, I'm sure it will be a huge success.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by --[Zirca]--:
THUG-O-RAMA....and then some. I now have a New Years Resolution...never go to an all ages event again. WAY TOO MANY little kids out for my liking. The "what, what, what, boo, boo, boo, bumbaclut towel wearing jungle thug posse had a convention at this party, </font>

LOL...that is so damn funny. I went to this party and I agree with you that our jungle scene appears to be more about clothes and attitude nowadays. I didn't go to the bar because I was broke, but there was probably attitude up on the balcony too. Anyways, I still think that the crowd had wicked vibes and loved the jungle being thrown to them.
People were dancing everywhere that the Opera House turned into some sweaty sauna for a few moments. Empire is doing such a good job for replenishing and keeping sick jungle parties in Toronto. I mean... Bad Company was sick, but so were the locals. I liked every set I heard. No complaints. I'm still humming tracks in my head. I had fun and of course I'm going to Sound Clash...the line-up is very drool worthy... Empire knows who to book to make people come out to parties whether its an old school or new school crowd.


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damn, i should have posted a review earlier..

What i remember from the party was:
- SICKKK bad company set!!! Mixing definitely improved. Loved how fresh mixed ss lighter and 9. Btw, what was that tune with the metalic voice and the heavy bass?
- Lush's set right afterwards was as sick as bad company
- lots of overplayed/repeated tracks, but good ones lol so i didnt care.
- Venue sux, it was also too packed.
- almost no tribe representation.. what's wif that?
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I left the party just in time to meet the one and only Bad Company!!! They were just packing up there shit and heading out, atleast I got to tell them much respect! What an an end to a perfectly bad-ass night.

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