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The Electrician

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Well @M!!

if you didnt goto Empire then just where DID you go...

I didnt happen to see you at a certain techno party on saturday...

you missed out big time...

Have a good one bud! =)



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a great night was had indeed
i came in to hear the last bit of marcus' set and he tore shite up as he always does. it was only about 11.30 and the docks was already rammed with ppl..pure vibes inside!

dj swamp (who looked like a cross between marilyn manson and jesus) was absolutely insane. the man was breaking records, scratching, scratching behind his back, rhyming and climbing the decks all within a span of about a half hour.....madness!

diligence was up next (if i remember correctly) and he spun the best set i've ever heard him spin. i was totally impressed! hard tunes, great mixing...was a nice segway into jo jo rock.

jo jo rock totally mashed up the place. i've seen her before a few times and i was never really too impressed but this time around she was a pleasant surprise. she dropped quite a few dubs as well as some nice dancefloor tunes...i'm totally loving ram's new tune lazy bones. quite similar to body rock but it still gets me moving nonetheless.

roc raida was up next and he dropped a dope set. was nice to hear pharoah monch's simon says. his set was short but was still enjoyable.

mampi swift was up next and by that time it was wayyyyyy past my bedtime so i decided to call it a night despite the fact that the place was still going mad inside.

happy 3rd anniversary empire. can't wait for soundclash 3 (that commercial in between sets was awesome...big up!).


I spoke with a friend of mine in New York today. She is very close with a couple of members of the arsonists. She said that apperently they are very upset over their shit being stolen, and don't plan on coming back to Toronto any time soon.
It's a shame that people would do shit like that.


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For anyone who was at Empire and has never before seen the arsonists perform, you have NO idea what you missed. These guys know how to put on a show like no other act I have EVER seen. What happened to them is a really big shame. Fortunatly they have not compleatly lost love for Toronto. If you check out the message board on arsonists.net you can get updates on upcoming shows as well as read what their saying about being ROBBED in Toronto. Also anyone with any information about the arsonists tour bus being robbed on the evening of November 17 should log on to the arsonists web site ASAP. Peace.
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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yeah, I'm quite bitter because the Arsonists and DJ Swamp were in London on the Friday, and I was thinking about checking them out.
but nope.
"I'll see them Saturday" is what I said.



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Commisioners Street must be the new Toronto petty crime capital.

Last time I went to the Docks I had a CD binder and my palm pilot jacked from my car.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tella:
i'm pretty sure it didn't happen on commisioners.</font>

It didn't. Their bus was parked in the parking of the hotel.
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