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Empire or Bodyrock contact info


TRIBE Member
Whats up guys n girls, do any of you's have an email contact for Empire or Bodyrock@System. Here's my situation i'm 24 and recently went to get a new G1 licence and when i got it they took my old card. Now i'm left with no ID and i want to go see Marky and Craze. I have no Picture health card or Passport so i'm kinda screwed. They said it would take 3 weeks to send a new card but because of the Opseu strike i cant see them sending it any time soon. I'm hoping that if i plead my case somebody will be able to get me in. If anyone has any good ideas please let me know.

And thaks in advance.

Dr. Grinch

TRIBE Member
I'll sneak you in under my coat dude..
Just be really quiet, and try not to laugh or bite when the bouncer is frisking.. ;)
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