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Empire One Sound

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by simpletee, Nov 25, 2000.

  1. simpletee

    simpletee TRIBE Member

    how did it go?
  2. ~^~Dozer~^~

    ~^~Dozer~^~ TRIBE Member

    decent party, not too much atmosphere or vibe tho, just the regular empire jam...nothing fancy just really good fucking music


    p.s. i know this reviews shitty but i just got home from working a 8 hour shift right after the party with no sleep so blah!
  3. sketch-step

    sketch-step TRIBE Member

    If you guys didn't know, according to an interview on torontojungle.com with the Empire crew, one of their plans with the Droppin' Beats and One Sound parties is to demonstrate the sounds of jungle/drum n bass in a "concert-style" setting, thus the overkilled multi-use of the Opera House.

    So these Empire *parties* are really just psuedo-concerts with psuedo-celebrities.

    The recent One Sound party, I believe that the Empire crew achieved their goal of putting on a concert. The egocentric stage antics of MC P were very annoying, yet once again diverting the attention away from the Dj... does this guy ever shut up?

    The crowd that was there... hmmmmm... where did all the attractive jungle lovin' ladies go to? and where did all the dancers depart to? The place was filled with washed-out rocker, ecko-wearing, suburban trash... were they dancing? maybe... but it looked more like moshing.

    I don't know about all of yous... but, i want the hype dancers back, and i want a diversity of drum n bass styles... PLEASE!

    Congratulations Empire for turning parties into boring concerts with ugly people.

    Despite a good set by the Vinyl Syndicate crew, the party was boring and unpleasant.

    another thing, stop fukkin' teasing us with pathetic remixes of old skool tunes with boring tech-step beats. I'm not saying that tech-step is bad, i'm merely stating that if yer gonna spin the rmx, why the f*ck don't these dj's ever drop the original anymore?

    peace out,
  4. Kenxie

    Kenxie TRIBE Member

    speaking of which... has anyone else ever witnessed mc p rewinding tracks himself! i have seen him do it twice... and i heard he did it to dieselboy... i dunno... if i was spinnin i think i would slap him... i think he should stick to his job of screamin and jumpin around like an idiot... he seems to do it so well...

    if i offened anyone so what... the truth hurts
  5. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    coulda had a lot more fun if i was allowed to stay past 2:30.

  6. junglettE

    junglettE TRIBE Member

    aphrodite why werent you allowed to stay past 2:30???

    larPISSa [​IMG]
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Serious.... I'm soo sick of MC's. Last time I checked people were goin to see the Dj's not hear some lame MC try to steal the spotlight from em'

    All the nice ladies stoped going to jungle parties when they were invaded by throngs of kids.
  8. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    my friends wanted to leave.. at 2FUCKING30!!

    ya we're hardcore..
  9. sketch-step

    sketch-step TRIBE Member

    actually, i don't think the kids scared away the ladies - i believe that the music got too dark and too fast for ladies to enjoy it. the music gives off this air of testosterone and aggressiveness. ever notice the ratio of guys to girls is not even??? sh*t... way too many guys!

    btw, i am not bashing darker drum n bass or tech-step, two-step, and whatever else is being spun by the majority of t.o. dj's, i am trying to point out that there is no variety of styles of the newer sounds.

    drum n bass needs to slow down a tad, get more soulful lyrics, and more groove!!!

    one more thing... less arrogant MCs!

    btw, that was my last empire party. thank you.

  10. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    kenxie...loook at you and your big words! i know that deep down inside you admire mc p...i mean he's no caddy cad but come on!

    sketch-step..i have to agree with dazed on this one. two years ago, i would hit *at least* two jams a month, now i'm lucky if i hit one every two months. there are a number of different reasons why i stopped, one being cos i'm super busy with stuff but another is that there *are* too many kids. i mean, if a 15 year old wants to go out and have a good time..more power to em. but when you have a 15 year old snot nose looking at me funny cos i'm wearing a skirt, thats when i start getting beef. it pisses me off to see kids put on their tired badass stances (and meanwhile they live next door to me in brampton). as much as i miss those tight little jams, when it comes down to it, i'd rather go to turbo or milano's or nasa (or something of those sorts).
  11. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member

    I agree!!
  12. Kenxie

    Kenxie TRIBE Member

    yeah natalie you are right he is no caddy [​IMG]
    but is anyone!

    and i stopped wearin skirts to parites for that same damn reason... all those funny looks from the kids!
  13. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    mack...i thawt it was when you lost your girlish figure?
  14. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    two-step is actually more garage based so it is more of a groove, hence im lovin' the UK G, its got a sexy feel to it which im after.
    i mean i love some of the harder edge ragga and all but the new dark tech stuff: no! and like natalie i like to dress nice, yes sometimes to big parties i wear an ecko hoodie *gasp* but to the smaller parties i like wearing skirts and dresses as that's what im into.

  15. Kenxie

    Kenxie TRIBE Member

    c'mon natalie... don't hate... i still got all my curves in all the right places!

    oh yeah... mc p... hahaha!
  16. 2 rude

    2 rude TRIBE Member

    no need to diss MC P to the max yo! all these people are ranting on about how MC P ain't all that and he's not 'all that' or anything but ya know, he does his thing. Sure, he goes on a little bit too much sometimes, but like damn, can you do better?? It bothers me when people cuss up DJs and MCs when they can't do shit themselves. It's like yeah, alright, maybe it's a bit too much sometimes, but at least it's more than I can do. So much for rudeness.
  17. 2 rude

    2 rude TRIBE Member

    oh yeah, and about wearing skirts -
    fuck the crusty raver kids !! just cuz they let their pants drag all over the ground and shit doesn't mean that you can't wear skirts!! Whilte they go home and pick gum and black floor goo off the bottom of their pants and think "shit, I paid 200 bucks for these things" means that you can go home and not have that shit to take care of. Words of wisdom. Rudegal.
  18. Kenxie

    Kenxie TRIBE Member

    I believe that by paying my cover at clubs i am given the right to voice my opinion on the people that are paid to perform there...
  19. koz

    koz TRIBE Member

    thats not the point, people pay money to listen to some good music. When an MC or DJ fuck people have every right to bitch about it.
    you shouldn't be up there in the first place if you suck. see I can't DJ or MC so I don't go around calling myself one, and spinning at parties.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Which is what brought it al the little kids sporting the rolled up pant leg, etc...
  21. 2 rude

    2 rude TRIBE Member

    you usually know the line-up before you go to the party anyways!! so it's like, why go and then complain after?? words of wisdom.
  22. Kenxie

    Kenxie TRIBE Member

    BEcause i go to see dj's ... not to hear some guy rant over evrey second of every track!
  23. rudebwoy

    rudebwoy TRIBE Member

    friday night he was on w/ unknown soldier, and he calls for a rewind just as US ducks down to his record bag....so mc P rewindes it himself, and US comes jumpin up cuzz i think he thought the record was skippin...


  24. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    ouch... that can't be right.

    arent there like, unwritten MC rules about that?

    its pretty cocky to assume that the person who is there to play the records is willing to relinquish that power to the person who is there to talk on the mic.

    Booty Bits

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