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Eminem is fat? :(


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He's probably hitting a steroid cycle on a 5000 calorie a day diet so he could be more like fitty.


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Not so slim now Mr. Shady.

(I havent read the thread, so my apologies if I am a tad late with this super awesome material)


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case sensitive said:
White males doing music that was originally done by black people.

Huge record sales during the peak of their career.

Both dabbled in the film industry.

Weight gain during career decline.

Addiction to painkillers/ sleeping aids


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millicent said:
what point are you trying to make here?
That Eminem isn't the first 'white guy to make black music' and that the Beastie Boys deserve as much of a place in the list of hip hop pioneers as any other artist.


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calm down i wasn't accusing him of a hate crime.. i was saying i think it's laughable to try to suggest that hip hop wasn't originally created by american blacks. if you think otherwise then that's great too (wrong but great :) )

Subsonic Chronic

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I also have a strong opinion on Eminem's recent weight gain and the serious impact it is having on black culture and music in America.

Hopefully we will get to hear from a lot of people on this important matter.

Sal De Ban

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"Would the original slim shady please stand up..."

....long pause....

"hold on a sec....this chair is....seems to be.....stuck...."