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Embroidery in the Tdot (help!)

Richard Raiban

TRIBE Member
can anyone recommend any places (central) that does this kinda work?! (past experience or referals from others preferred but not manditory)

thank you :)
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just order it online, it’s quite expensive b/c you first have to get your design digitized before it can be run on a machine. i've worked in a couple shops running embroidery machines and most of our orders were from out province/ country. Getting it done in the GTA will probably be more expensive then ordering online.

these people do good work. digitizing for over 20 years.


once you have a design digitized you can bring the design anywhere to be embroidered -try and get it a couple different formatts, some formatts are not compatible with certain machines- although getting it might be cheaper to get it embriodered and digitized at the same place, try to wheel and deal.