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well......it was at stardust.......yeah......

got there around 11:30 or so to find the basement has already flooded, cuz of a burst pipe or something. past the bar was blocked off and you could only dance on part of the dancefloor without getting soaked. went upstairs to check out the up and comers....good tunes, but couldn't deal with the gross heat and overcrowding. so i went to check out frisky and d-minus who were wicked as usual.
the people at this party were ok....not much of a vibe.

blah....we left at 1:30. just couldn't handle it. didn't really feel like a party to me. which sucked cuz i was really looking forward to this party BEFORE i found out where it was. why the fuck do people keep using the stardust????? it sucks soooooo bad and turns good parties bad. it feels like you're partying in someone's dirty basement. whatever......get a clue. we keep saying how much we hate it........???? get it????

so starsearch was ok for the 2 hours i could handle the club for. too gross and sketchy to deal with it though. music was good downstairs. thats all.

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I decided to head over to Email from the Turbo breaks party cuz I promised some ppl I'd go. Shame that the moment I approached the door, I was greeted *given the nod* by 2 drug dealers.

Another step inside and I felt the insane heat, now really wishing that I stayed at turbo.

Sorry Sean and the rest of the email crew, you guys always have thrown every event with great intentions and have always managed to keep everyone happy, but the venue last nite killed it for me.

If you get rid of the in-house dealers and sketchy kids and not to forget to mention the "security"....maybe a party there "might" stand a chance.

I was only there for 2 hours and I felt like burning the place down.

Now that I think of it, nothing can save that venue, it'd be like trying to bring ppl back to the bassmint and saying that it's under new management. *puke*

Regardless tho, it was nice to see ppl.


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i had a sinking feeling it would be at stardust but went anyways cuz a couple of friends were spinning and wanted to show my support (they were both soo nervous).

anyways chilled at pizza hut with a couple friends before the doors opened. that's when i got that sinking feeling about the crowd of the party (sketchy and clueless)...but what did i expect? stardust just seems to attract that crowd.

so anyways in the actual party i spent most of my time upstairs and in 19+ to escape the lil kids and the flooding. the music was sooo good tho, i'm really impressed with all of the up and comers!

Quirk -- mixed trance and hhc with skill!
Abstract and Ethical -- cute guys spinning great house
Aerospace -- great epic trance, got the crowd moving
Zen Master Chi -- tore shit up with jungle
Frosty -- amazing hhc set.
Psyklone -- crazy hardcore set and knew how to work that mixer!

also, i was impressed with the decorations, it was the nicest the s******t ever looked.

all in all props to the e-mail crew but had e-mail been anywhere else, it woulda been more bearable. i had a good time tho


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What a nite....

Ok first off I want to THANK wholeheartedly, the numerous people who helped us throughout the night in trying to control the flooding... your help was very appreciated.

And on the same note, I want to apologize for the inconvenience of the flooding, I don't even think you know how upset we were about it. But, I want to remind everyone, STARDUST is in no way at fault for this problem. Water lines freeze, and when all of a sudden after a week of not being used, you flush the toilets a hundred times, it builds up enough pressure to rupture the pipe.

I must give Andy, the owner of Stardust, alot of credit, as he got on the phone IMEDIATELY, and had a plummer there ASAP. He was so upset for us that it happend during our party.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who came out to support us once again, and to support all the up and coming DJ's. I know they appreciated your enthusiasm and support.

I also want to thank ALL the DJ's who performed, especially the up and comers, who really made this party what it was.

Thats about it, we still have to discuss who was the actual "winner" of the night, but we will let you know...

Once again thank you all, have a great new years!!

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