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Email program recommendations/help?

Aerius Zension

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I've used my home email address once since I ordered Rogers, about 7 months ago. I usually use web-based email (ie, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) or my work email. I'm sure Rogers has prolly sent me an email they've sent a couple of you re: you're dead you excessive bandwidth bandit.

My IT dept informed me a long time ago using MS Outlook Express is a bad idea, for the fact that it automatically opens attachments. Considering the Norvarg and other virus' out there, I'd rather not use it ever again.

Wondering if anyone could recommend an email program that does not open attachments automatically, or anything other than Outlook Express.

Also, is there anyway to remove OE permanently?

Any help would be appreciated.
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will address those security issues your it department is complaining about.

FC St. Pauli

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Originally posted by pr0nstar
no... vi is for pussies :p

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Why don't you just config Outlook not to open your attachments (I assume you mean just pictures since you have to click on other attachments to open them) instead of getting something else and dealing with that noise?

Get rid of the preview pane or whatever. There's probably a way to turn it off in one of the Options screens too. I'm not looking at it so I'm not sure.
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