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Email - Big Pimpin ...


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Well - I must say, that was one grand evening. A night of lots of drinkin' .. .as per expected. Hahah ... those new Smirnoff ICE drinks are daamnnnn good. Thanks Sean n' crew for an awesome night. I'm a lil' sleepy, and a lil' hungover. So I'm gnna keep this short.

Satori set was bangin'. It was hard and totally on the ball. Something that had me attempting to shake my booty altho I couldnt. Very nice!
I enjoyed myself emmensely.

Kamikaze set was booty-ful, and hard. I totally got down with Shann .. but I think the best was when Lyndsey (Ghetto Krack Star) jumped on me and we fell down together on the dance floor. I think me and Lynds should be crowned "Miss Booty Drunks" ... whutta think?

I think the highlight of the night had to be when I saw the girl from HMV at Email - and she bought me 2 shots. Now that is grand.
Gotta love those people from HMV! I'll have to go back and thank her.

OR WAIT !!! I forgot singing in the bathroom all drunk, w/ all the girls. Michie and me had it down good *insert drunkin singin here* "I SAW THA SIGN .. and IT OPENED UP MY EYES , I SAW THA SIGN!" Bwhahah , now my friends that was great. I think we scared just about everyone who came into that bathroom. It's alright people - don't fear the bathroom singing crew.

Dan - Yes .. I am taking over the Tribe board. *craks whip* Gotta problem with that. Hahahah , remember this from last night. *IM HOT ... IM HOT.... IM HOT YAYAYAY* LOL, and then you and Kellan debating this whole Sunne/Kate thing. I don't think Im gunna live that down. Thanks Kife and Pronstar!!!

Anyways, jus thought the evenings events should tOld!