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Elusions, Cambridge


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Hello everyone,
There was once a little city called Cambridge that has quite alot of party kids, So one would think to throw a party there. Concept = good. Having to pay 22 bucks, very little facilitys to say would be very kind, No light whatsoever on the DJ's in the jungle room and 4 dollar water is very ...well.. not good even bad possibly. I enjoyed myself at this party but certain measures need to be taken if there is ever another party at this venue.
such as real toilets (not porta-potties) running water and something more then a hose to fill waterbottles with, dont get me wrong here in Cambridge we do have these amenities but they seem to be on holoday for this event.
On to the music...
I arrived at the party at about 11:30 and from hearing the music outside was promising, once inside the DJ quality for the most part was really good. I cant expand much on who was spinning when since there was no posted schedule.(this needs to be changed).
The jungle room was very enjoyable, especially when there were more then a handful of people dancing, but track selection and mixing was very adaquit. The only problem was the E.Q. had way to much base, which cut out the mids and treble.
The main room was alright. The headliner was Mike Dearborn from Chicago but I'd never heard of him before but when he spun(or someone told me he was spinning) the music was decent, but not amazing enough for what I heard was his spinning fee.
Best part of the night: seeing so many friends.
Worst: Finding out water was 4 bucks and there was no running water that I knew of other then a hose:-(((
Keep trying though.


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Glad I didn't go.

If I had I would've called the cops on those promoters. I don't care about a bunch've party kids losing their ticket money... it's better than some kid dying cuz there wasn't any running water.

Fukkin Idiots.


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There was running water, it was a hose outside... the cops didn't allow anyone to use the 19+ room and the washrooms connected to it because there weren't 'enough fire exits' which was bs.

I thought it was a good party actually... music was too loud some times though, the acustics of the place sorta hurt my ears in the morning.. and I really wanted to have a few beers, but I made it through the night

I think it more deserves around a 7/10... just wished it was warmer and there were more people there


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Nub: looking back on it now I really did have a good time, and I did mention that above. but understand that I wrote that whole review just after you guys left saterday morning.
also it was kind of funny being the last ones out of the place. oh well all I ask for next time is washrooms! the portapoties were a little nasty.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ninja:
I wrote that whole review just after you guys left saterday morning.</font>


Brandon: There were probably around 600-700 people there at most... as it is Mike broke even.

Check out my review of it on the hullaboard, I went into alittle more detail there, than I did on tribe


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Lesslyn: it was rihgt by the dundas st. bridge that goes over the tracks. across the rd. from galt glass.
I want madam zu to be the headliner next time , along w/ andy c , raykeith and grooverider b2b w/ fabio in the jungle room.
oh well one can dream.
anyparty is a good party in this area.