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Eloko psy-trance jam March 13th (aka my birthday!)

Subsonic Chronic

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[Jerry Macguire] So... who's coming with me? [/]

Eloko is throwing their second event on March 13th, bringing in Stellanutella from Sweden as the headliner. They were also kind enough to grant me a birthday set on this wonderful weekend (will they regret that move? ;) ), so it's gonna be a pretty intense of *proper* psy-trance partying, complete with wicked deco, chill music in the back and stomping tunes in the main room.


All the details are here: http://forums.ektoplazm.com/viewtopic.php?t=2759

If you're scared of psy-trance, it's just because you haven't given it a chance. Everyone loves it, most people just haven't realised it yet. ;)

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What's funhaus like? Good venue?

I haven't been to a psy-trance party in a while but I think it's time :)


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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I finally remembered my Tribe password :D

Thanks to Pete for posting this for us (eloko).
I can't wait for this party. There are several people celebrating birthdays that weekend and Stella will be playing for one of her best friends for the first time in ages, so the energy in the place will blow the roof off.

Everyone is working hard to get all new deco done in time, there are already 3 new backdrops being painted. WOOHOO!!!

Not sure if it was mentioned here, but Alana (from OM) will be offering massage and reiki in the chill room.

Not long now!!!


Booty Bits

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i am so there.
i will be an honourary goa bitch for a night.

can't wait to ring in another year of petey goodness!


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Alana probably won't be staying much past 3am so don't wait too late to get one of her amazing massages. I got one last time she offered them at our party, ohhhhhhhhh it was nice!!!!



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Originally posted by thom100
is this the follow up to the free party in Jan ?

Yes, kind of. There is now a monthly psytrance event (every 2nd sat of the month) at Funhaus with rotating crews.

Looking forward to another kick ass night!!!

See ya there,



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I am officially coming, now.

Can't wait for StellaNutella to spread some creamy tunes ... and to find out exactly what Subsonic Chronic means by "proper." :)

Subsonic Chronic

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I got a big order in just last week of wicked new tunes, and am hoping that one last shipment with a few serious hard rockers will get here in time for Saturday.

It should be a great party, I've heard only good things about the creamy goodness of StellaNutella, and I know I'll be pulling out all the stops for my set too.

two more sleeps!


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oooh I'm all ready theeeeere!!
After this week, I'ma gonna need to get medance-on! We heard good this in Montreal about Mrs. nutsy. Great flyer BTW guys!

Looking forward to hookin- up with the old psy-crew,


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Pete ... I don't suppose you own a copy of SKAZI - Seek & Destroy? I feel like doing some headbanging on Saturday night. :)

I'm also willing to accept 1200 MICS - Money for Nothing.


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Not long now :)

Set Times for the Main Room
10-11:30 Phink
11:30-1:30 Subsonic Chronic
1:30-3 Sketi
3- ?? Stella Nutella

Chill Room
10-12 Quietly Quivering
12-3 Medicineman
3-6 Arete

See you soon!!!