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Elmwood Spa

Temper Tantrum

TRIBE Member
Anyone ever been?

I got a half day at the spa certificate sitting in front of me.

Water treatments, swedish massage, facial, manicure, pedicure.

Is it any good as far as spa's go?

I'm sooooooooooo looking forward to this.



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it's a fairly swank nice place to go. enjoy.

The facial will be the best in my opnion. they use good products and your skin will glow after.

Ask around about who to request for the massage. I didn't enjoy the massage I got there, found the woman massaged me too lightly and without a lot of... for lack of a better term, instinct on how your muscles are. I left the massage feeling no better/worse/different. In my opnion a good massage should leave you feeling relaxed and revived. I've head from other people that there are some great and not-so-good massage people there so try and get a recomendation.
I also went 2 years ago, i'm sure there are different people now.


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I went recently and found it a little ghetto (as far as spas go). The robes were tattered and still wet and the flimsy foam slippers are annoying and they rushed through all my treatments. But I've been spoiled by the Stillwater (which is way overpriced, but so nice).

But if you're going for a massage, ask for David. He's tall, hot and has a firm hand.
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Originally posted by kmac

But if you're going for a massage, ask for David. He's tall, hot and has a firm hand.

I've heard that he's good as well. men tend to be better at massage IMHO, stringer hands.

ha ha, this reminds me of the SATC episode where Samantha complained about not getting head from her massus


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It's really nice... I've been there many times to get my hair done by the one and only Svet :D

The Silvery Blue Butterfly is gorgeous too- for those out in the boonies (go team mississauga!)


Smiley Jo

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Originally posted by Temper Tantrum
Anyone ever been?
Many times...
But not for spa stuff... so i'm no help! :p

It's pretty swanky.

If you need any recomendations re: who to see for massages, etc. - just ask Svet, she knows who's better.

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