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Aaron Bradley

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Getting one of these for the house. I'm leaning towards the IGC. They are a lot smaller and have better stability. It seems that you can go harder on the IGC too. Anyone have experience with both or have any suggestions?
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Aaron Bradley

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Okay, I'm going to look into these. Probably going to pick it up on the weekend so I have a bit of time to review some reviews...

Any idea on a location that can let you try a few out in the store? FitnessDepot in Ancaster has a small show room, so only a few are built and ready for testing.
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Finding an Airdyne AD6 in store is a bit tough. Amazon.ca probably has the best price in Canada. A local crossfit box may have one. Treadmill Factory and Rogue Fitness have the Assault Airbike that has arguably better construction and is harder to use in practice. Some of the former may have ones to try out in person.