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ELLEN ALLIEN -this Sunday @ Element !


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Ellen Allien will be making her debut performance in Toronto this Sunday. No production name. No flyer. Just techno. First 10 women to reply: teknomass@hotmail.com will get free guestlist. :)

NEO-TECHNO series:00

Sun.Mar.31st, 2002

Ellen Allien -Berlin/ BPitch Control

The Dukes

Gerald aka Matrix

@ Element bar 553 Queen St.W 416.359.1919
$5 b4 midnight $7 after, 19+/ 10-3
info: teknomass@hotmail.com

Ellen Allien --bio-

1987 - 1 Year in London and first contact with acid house at Wag Club.

1989 - Contact with music from the future - U.F.O, the first house club in Berlin.

1990 - The real techno kick at Tresor in Berlin.

1991 - First DJ job at Fischlabor in Berlin, at this time the most important techno meeting point where all the famous DJ's from Berlin started.

1991 - DJ at Bunker, Electro, Tresor, Praxis, Dr. Mccoy, Style: abstract techno.

1992 - Work at the record store Delirium in Berlin, host of own radiobroadcast "Braincandy" at Kiss FM Berlin.

1993 - "Dub Mission" Resident at E-Werk Berlin Project Love Parade: 60 hours "Brain Candy" live broadcast with interviews at Kiss FM and Tresor, being the first live broadcast of its kind, organized by Ellen Allien and Kiss FM.

1994 - Launch of the label "Braincandy", resident at Tresor, every Sunday at "Club The Rest" with DJ Tanith.

1996 - Booking coordination for the Friday open air bar "Jam", the best hangout in Berlin. Style: electronic & jungle new DJ experiences with the live saxophonist Niklas (Hybrid Records). The sessions were released on "Brain Candy".

1997 - The Party Line Bpitch Control. Futuristic sound, light and video mixing at different industrial locations.

1999 - After two years of successful party organization the long awaited record label "Bpitch Control" is launched.

2000 - Studio/label work. Resident at Casino Berlin tour throughout Germany with Bpitch artists. Studio work for debut album Ellen Allien on Bpitch Control. Release date: 03/2001.

2001 - Remixes. Stadtkind Touring.

2001 - New 7" Label, Spielwiese.

year artist title label format
1994 Ellen Allien EP Just Let The Groove Go Champion Sound 12"
1995 Remixe Humpe-Gut Ocean Club 12"
1995 Ellen Allien Yellow Sky EP MFS 12"
1996 Ellen Allien Lick It Volume / Engl LP
1996 Ellen Allien Atomique Compilation LP
1997 Ellen Allien Be Wild Braincandy 12"
1998 Ellen Allien & Krieger Rockt Krieger Braincandy 12"
1999 Ellen Allien & Heiko Laux Blood & Water BPC001 12"
1999 Ellen Allien & Amanda Amour Vodka & Springsh BPC003 12"
1999 Berlin 2000 Compilation Liebestäter BPC006 LP/CD
2000 Ellen Allien Last Kiss 99' BPC008 12"
2000 Ellen Allien Kollektiv "Trust And... BPC009 12"
2000 Ellen Allien Data Romance BPC013 12"
2000 Ellen Allien / Kollektiv Funkenflug Der Täume BPC019 12"
2001 Ellen Allien Stadtkind BPC021 LP/CD
2001 Ellen Allien / rmx Malaria / Eifersucht Superstar 12"
2001 Ellen Allien Data Romance Remixe BPC029 12"
2001 Ellen Allien Stadtkind Remixe BPC030 12"
2001 Ellen Allien Sweet / Berlin 2001 Compilation BPC031 4 X 12 "/CD



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Whoever is responsible for this event.....THANK YOU!!!!!! :)

I have been a fan of Allien's music for over a year now, and never got a chance to hear her live. This will be so good!


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She is both attractive and intelligent:

...interview translated from german:

>>Whereby your album, to which you work straight, becomes something "very personal", describes like you it...

Ellen Allien:

There are stories, which happened to me, or which affected me - as with music evenly like that is (laughs).

... I must say to you honestly, these whole things there, with me in the studio go off...: I co-operate for one year with someone closely...Who will hear the album, will understand, what is meant. It is deep - how: deep is a bloedes word - it is stop very intensively. It is genuine. You hear sadness, you hear falling in loveness, you hear what moves us.
Love is - I believe - now times the most moving topic. With which one always said has nothing to do with Techno. For me it has to do very much with it. Romance is for me importantly, also in the music. Humanity and sinnlichkeit. Not only simply a sound, which kickt briefly - and then again away is. That does not give it for me.
Also the language belonged for me in addition, because it becomes "abstract" otherwise too, each something else thereby to imagine can. I would like actually that what I feel is further-carried also in such a way to that, which hears it. Most humans do not dare any longer to be romantically or sadly or lucky. I find it important to realize all this somehow.

>>Thus it acts with the TRACKS around "stories" out of the life...

Ellen Allien:

Auto+biographically. There is stories... (considered for a long time) - which I totally realized..., (rises and runs in the circle) where I would have howled nearly... Interesting find I that it passes straight now became possible - and only by humans, with whom I work now. But we stand straight only at the beginning.

>>Even if the TRACKS, which I know so far from your album, are in music not abstract, nevertheless the texts contained in it are quite abstract. Is it poetry or as poetry camouflaged arbitraryness?

Ellen Allien:

It is both - however nothing camouflaging. There is no nothing - nothing is camouflaged on BPitch control.

>>Explain to me please times the text line "low in me - worlds radiate deeply into you."

Ellen Allien:

Each humans possess a soul. An origin. Humans, the earth. One can pass everything on that is into us, by music, by gesturing, by poetry, by language. Then it radiates also in you. It concerns to live "altogether"! It concerns energy. I believe in many forms of energies, which we do not use correctly yet at all - and so lose.

>>Can the people reconstruct that?

Ellen Allien:

I do not know at all whether is so important. I believe, the sentences am sufficient, in order to think something thereby. To itself referred.
The TRACKS are not really minimal in music, work for it however nearly a little reservedly.
I believe, her am so reserved, because this text, this sentence, should be present. As soon as the text inside is, still more cannot purely. That became otherwise washes.

>>You are on the search for...

Ellen Allien:

... we are on the search for the "luck". Always light, always luck! Upward. No reverse gear. If we times briefly leeways, is always someone there, which catches the other one. There are very many possibilities, if we communicate only correctly with one another. And straight happens - because we move straight again all closer together. We sometime planned once to only work with people on we the support have - and no things of the money because of to make. It must make fun correctly. And us also personally somewhat bring. So and not different one...

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& I was looking for a place to party sunday night!! I guess I will be on the dance floor that night.

So excited.




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shit...I gotta be at work for midnite.

Oh well...I'm sure I'll hear how good it was from @m and Time.



Adam Duke

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oooooh, she looks evil. ;)



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What a great way to celebrate my last day at my job!!! Work a final brunch shift, get some drinkies, get a nappy, get some fucking spazzy robotic beats to make the feets happy!



Adam Duke

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Alrighty then! I'm coming for brunch on sunday!
That should get my tummy all excited and energized for the evening!

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Wow...she does look really scrumptious. Maybe I'll have to come over on my lunch break. I do really dig her music. Is she spinning or doing a live PA?

@m could you be a pal, and perhaps email what time she's goin' on at.




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...finito! The ladies guestlist is complete. The bagels will be accompanying the sausages. Muchos Gracias! See y'all soon. :)

n.b. Please come b4 midnight.

Adam Duke

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In the tradition of many long-awaited events:

(or thereabouts anyway, we'll see how much fun tonight is!)

By the way, has anyone checked out her track with Miss Kitten & The Hacker? Creepy, but fun!

I think it's called "Rippin Kitten".

@ to the m.
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I may just make it out especially if I am of the first 10 to e-mail in!!! I'll cross my fingers. Looks like a really fun evening!!



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32 more hours left.......YAY!!!!!!!!!

By the way my fellow Technofreaks, is there anything fun/exciting to do tonight? Something that preferably involves techno/elektro/breaks??
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Adam Duke

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Destro: I'm not sure what label it's on as I only have it on mp3.
It's DAMN good though....go grab it off soulseek.org!



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*sigh* I wish I could be there..unfortunately I have to head back to London tonight :( Stupid tests!!

@m shake that ass a bit extra for me!


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I've got a copy of the original Rippin Kittin track on Landomat. It's Golden Boy feat Miss Kittin from the album Or, but they just released the remixes recently. I like the original better, but they're both good.


p.s. the remixes are on landomat as well.
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