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elioT laZor - heH, tougH gUy - appRox 60 mIn


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1. Marc Romboy - SL Mirage [Systematic]
2. Stephan Bodzin Vs. Marc Romboy - Ferdinand [Systematic]
3. Chelonis R. Jones - Deer in the Headlights (Radioslave mix) [Get Physical]
4. Bug & Tanzmann - Shick [Pokerflat]
5. Rekorder - Rekorder 5 [Rekorder]
6. Stephan Bodzin Vs. Marc Romboy - Phobos [Systematic]
7. Elektrochemie - You're My Kind [Get Physical]
8. Stratos - [Kickboxer006]
9. Marc Romboy - Model 1601 - [Systematic]

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wicked mix
very moody
made for a great soundtrack during a long late nite/early morning drive today on some dark two-lane highways in middle of who the fuck knows where


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I just put a mix together with most of those systematic records... :| soo fun.
WHERES Impact Disco? hahahaha... will give this a listen fo shure!
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