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Element tonight - Tim Patrick's b-day!


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i got wind that it is Timmy P's b-day tonight? anyone else up for paying their respects in the bassment @ Element tonight?

also heard there might be an unadvertised guest in from out of town!

i'll be going by before hitting the ECB for sure!

see ya all out and about

mike ---- leaving from quebec city RIGHT NOW
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Tim's bday is tomorrow, but I am sure he will be celebrating it tonight @ Element as well.

Hey ethnik, he was in Quebec City for NYE...


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done and done.

us Capricorns gotta stick together.

ethnik!! you wanker.....lol.....

Wednesday was craaazy....

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I don't have a penny to my name til Tuesday so I can't come.:( :(

Happy Birthday to the most wicked Capricorn ever! Have a super night!:)