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Element Thursdays!

poker face

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Went last night and had a good time!

I like how they actually out some decor into the place and made it look different.

Music was good, a good blend of Techno and House.

I would go again!

Keep up the good work!
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Adam Duke

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SHIIIIAAT! What an awesome night!
Really fantastic sets by both of the residents - Jeremy Caulfield & Adam Marshall


Nice vibe, a whole LOTTA people(!) and great music. This should be a wicked Thursday night weekly techno jam!

Shouts to: Blaise, Lee (of course!), Chris (BBB - wicked, man. GREAT to finally meet you! Next tequila adventure is MINE!), kf (duh!), Gerald (get that leather ready!), Scotty, Ian, John (Blue), Diliana & Kim (you punks! you never even said goodbye!), Crystal (nice to see you again!), Michelle (you wuz hammah'd, baby! *muah*), Jhames (pics on Monday, yo!), Kim (kf is just a freak), my man Otto!, THE MAN Tony (Mr. Element - much thanks), Dave Lee, Nick & Andre, Scott, Becca, Adam & Jeremy (great job again, guys), everyone else i forgot (including Gerald's friend who's name escapes me continually - if i can remember all those names, you'd think i could remember hers!) and of course, my lovely russian cosmonaut, Galit.

tech care & see you many times @ Elelment in the future!



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Yup, gotta concur with the above statements. Went to Element straight from work, looking to do a little rump-shaking, a little unsure about what kind of crowd the first night of a Thursday techno weekly was gonna draw. A great crowd, that's what. Good M/F ratio, not too packed, but packed enough to feel enegrgetic, good tunes, and I finally got to see the infamous @m ass shake! As well, I once again realized that kf and I have almost the exact spastic/freakout style of dancing.

I think the crowd is a good indication that TO peeps are ready for an intimate techno weekly..

@m - Really good talking to you! For my first Triber to meet, you were a lucky break. Look forward to seeing you out in the future, and more tequila next time!


Ah, it feels good to have danced again. So good in fact that I had a dream that me and Misstress Barbara were having an affair! Whee!
She had a big tongue.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by hardtekfunk:
Shouts to: Michelle (you wuz hammah'd, baby! *muah*)
tech care & see you many times @ Elelment in the future!

i was so hammered that i just remembered seeing nick and andre!!!
and it's not my fault, my roommate bought me wine, and then jin threw in a couple drinks - next thing you know i'm smashed

it was a great night
2 of my FAVOURITE dj's, the wabi crew doing visuals, and booze - what more could a girl ask for.
i'm definitely hitting this one up again
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Temper Tantrum

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by starr:
i was so hammered ....it's not my fault, </font>

Michelle seems to be saying this a LOT lately. Hunny, I'm not buying it

YOU were the direct reason for three excessively intoxicated (and incredibly fun) nights, well Kevin's birthday wasn't your fault so TWO incredibly drunk and fun nights.

Damn you and your villanous ways.

t. tAnTrUm